To Boston With Love…From the Heart of a Runner

“…..reports are coming in of an explosion very close to the finish line at the Boston Marathon.  Stay tuned.”

I brought my head up from my work as the words from the radio filtered in.  An explosion?  At the Marathon?

I turned to the internet to find out what had happened.  It wasn’t just an explosion.  There were now two explosions…about a block apart and the word ‘bomb’ filtered into the mix.

This was for a moment inconceivable as these things usually are.  It takes a moment to acknowledge that someone would want to impart that type of horror for no purpose.  Because such violence really has no purpose.  It is ultimately meaningless.

It is meant to hurt, maim and crush people.  Nothing more.

Two people from my running group were racing at the Boston Marathon yesterday.  I immediately sent Lara, our group leader,  an email as did everyone else.  Were they okay?  Was she able to find out?

In quick order we did discover that both Siobhan and Serge had finished the race and were safe.  And I congratulate them on a job well done.  In fact, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the runners who participated.

And to Lelisa Desisa a big shout out on a fabulous race.  He was the overall winner in yesterday.  The top female was Rita Jeptoo.

It is, I believe, important to acknowledge the purpose of yesterday’s event.  Moreover I would like to take a moment to acknowledge everyone who was there.  The volunteers, the firefighters, the police, the organizing committee.  Everyone who makes this event happen year after year.  May it always be so.

I know that the majority of the people there were much like Siobhan and Serge.  Everyday working people who love to run.  And the thing I have learned about running is how deeply personal it is for each of us.  When we are going into a race typically the person we are challenging is our self.  It is that drive born deep in our soul that pushes us forward.

I have spoken at length about what running means for me personally on this forum.  But I know too, members of my running group feel the same.  And in fairness I am not nearly as dedicated as many of them.  I think it highly unlikely that I will ever tackle a marathon.  I won’t say this will never happen…but it is unlikely.  Just training for the 1/2 marathon here in Vancouver has been such a remarkable challenge, so my admiration for those runners who not only go the distance…they challenge themselves to be their very best.  And being at the Boston were the people who challenged themselves to be their very best.  I salute each and every one of you.

The question remains as to why this occurred.  Acts of cowardice such as this find me just shaking my head and at a complete loss trying to comprehend they ‘why’ of it as it makes no sense at all.  I cannot imagine wanting to hurt another person let alone in this manner.

To whomever was responsible for this I can only say that if they think they were successful at avenging some asinine wrong they believe was done to them, they are sadly mistaken.

To all of you in Boston I offer my deepest sympathies for the atrocities that have been committed.  May you heal stronger and shine brighter than before.  I will be running with my group tonight and I know that in each of our hearts we will be honouring the fallen.  I will also be participating in our annual Sun Run this Sunday which is a 10KM event and in three weeks time I will be running my first 1/2 marathon.

I will run in memory of Martin who lost his young life but hoped for a better world.  Let’s make his wish come true.

Running gave me back a big part of my life and I will never surrender this ability unless I am physically unable to do so.  And to all of you that took part in this event be it as a participant, volunteer, spectator, policing, etc. I salute all of you.

Peace and love to all.





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