writers block

Since December 7th, 2011 when I began this blog, I have talked a lot, yes?

This post will mark the 300th time I have ponied up to ramble about whatever happens to be between the posts at any given time.  The goings on in the grey matter and the rest of this body o’ mine have been common threads throughout.  At times I have been poetic, at times funny and yes, a little strange as well.

The time that has passed as been 487 days since beginning this little project of mine.  I have posted an entry on average of 62% or thereabouts during this time frame.

I have never really figured out how to market my blog all that effectively but I am grateful to those of you who have followed along and found hopefully some benefit to my admissions.  I have always been as forthright, upfront and honest with whatever it is I decide to address.  And this has been an interesting process for me as well.  I see the highs and lows that I have worked through, the different mindsets that I have entertained.

I have never been ‘Freshly Pressed’.  I have never won a ‘blog award‘.  That is not why I began this and it has no appeal, though I do wonder about the ‘Freshly Pressed’ choices and how they are made.  What I have learned, however, is that blogging is big business.  I was talking with a woman who went to a Writer’s Forum where men and women expected no less than 15,000 hits on their blog per month.  Anything below that and they are not happy.  I suppose too what I found interesting is that someone commanding so much traffic can indeed have sponsors who pay to run ads on these sites.

From what the woman told me, they were all business.

I don’t know why I found that so surprising but I did.  If you were to ask me who has such a blog I could not tell you.  Though I have been to and read blogs and that have a high volume of traffic.  They have several links such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, etc.

Anyone following my blog knows I am currently trying to wrap my head around the Twitter thing.  I have an account, but I don’t go there much.  Last time I entered what I called ‘Sleep Tweets’ because that was where they evolved.  I have two followers.  I am still a little tongue-tied when it comes to Twitter.  And is it just me or do people, famous ones at that, tend to say really silly things on this forum.  Things that they perhaps wish they could take back?

Still blogging is an interesting medium.  And I suppose learning how to market a product will come in time.  I have been researching self-publishing with the assistance and direction of members in my writing group.  I have a lot to learn.  Considering no one had ever read any of my work up to February of 2011, I think I have learned a thing or two.

And so I will continue.

As far as how I am feeling this day.  Better than yesterday.  Oh, I will shake all of this off and move on.  At the moment I am watching an eagle circle up above downtown Vancouver.  We have a few nests about.  The seagulls always chase them.  I guess the eagles will take their the gull’s eggs and such.  They are magnificent birds.

So this is the 300th.  Yay!

Thanks for listening.



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