In Traing (Day…)….The Happiness Quotient

I listened to the rain falling this morning and passed on my run.  Oh I know, perhaps I should have braved the wet, windy morning and done the damn thing but this has been a transitioning week for me.  I have been easing back into the workout routine and gearing up for the long run that is coming up.

On Sunday I will be running for two hours.

It may well be prudent to rest up a wee bit for this one considering my recovery from the flu.

It was an interesting debate with self this morning.  I really was considering my condition and if I did in fact run today, would this impact my ability on Sunday?  So we will see.  More is not always better.

I curled up around my pillow gazing through the slats on my window into the dark of morning.  Why, I wondered was happiness so elusive at times?

We have all had those moments I am sure, when happiness seems to flood our soul to the point that it is full to bursting.  And I know personally I want to hang onto it, covet it and never let it go.  Somehow though, it always slips away.

Like many of you, I have at times tried to ‘re-enact’ the moment with the hopes of having the previous results.

It never quite happens the same way again though, does it?  Still I suppose if we were all deliriously happy then we would just be annoying now wouldn’t we.

A bunch of happy, shiny people walking around none the wiser of just how happy we were.

Still it is interesting how we have it for a moment and then it fades becoming a memory.  And I suppose the challenge, at least for this mere mortal is to find the blissful state of the ongoing happiness quotient.

I was quite happy just laying in my bed this morning.  Not over the top delirious you understand.  Didn’t have a maniacal smile plastered across my face but I was quietly enjoying the rain falling outside and the breeze coming in through the open window.

I love the smell of rain.  The earthy freshness, the sound.  I closed my eyes and stretched out like a big ol’ cat and tucked the assembly of pillows into various places to prop up this aging body of mine.

It’s funny now when I lay on my back I actually do become flat chested.  The girls (a.k.a. boobs) slide off into the warm comfort of my armpits.

As I have told you before, I am made of Jello now.  Strawberry Jello.  Well, I kind of like Orange Jello too…perhaps we could mix them, yes?

Quite contentedly I took the extra half hour in bed to contemplate the meaning of life.  I think I have it almost all figured out too.  Probably need a few more mornings to ruminate over my findings.

In any case the body is rested.  Next week I will step up the intensity of my workouts and work just a bit harder.  Somewhere beneath the Jello a six-pack exists….oops, no…that was the beer and I drank it.  Tee hee!

Enjoy your day and as The Partridge Family once sang, “Come on, get Happy!”



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