In Training (Day 88)….Insight

The quote on the bathroom door to the coffee shop I go to get my morning jolt reads as follows, “The key to happiness is within.  The key to this room is at the cashier.”

Also, at my fitness centre a blackboard is set up in reception and Pandora makes it a point to try and find something that is inspiring, light, funny, etc. each day.

This morning’s quote there was “Hit the wall?  Climb over it!”

I smiled and told her I was still climbing.

Quotes are interesting little pieces of literature.  Designed perhaps to make us think, make us laugh, make us consider.  And one thing that I have found is that bathrooms are notorious for the insight offered by previous patrons.

Last evening’s run was solid.  We did a 5 KM run and I ran the whole thing.  The legs felt good, the strength returning.  My pace is still a little slow but that’s okay.  I know and accept that I will never be a speed demon when it comes to running.  That is not why I do it.

We have a couple of people in my running group that will heading out to Boston shortly as they will be running in the marathon  there scheduled on the 15th of April.  I am really excited for them.

I know I will never run a marathon and that’s okay.  I don’t really have the drive or ambition to do so.  I admire those that do.  Just training for a 1/2 marathon has been a lesson in discipline.  One I don’t always want to follow.

I always want running to be fun.  I don’t want it to ever seem like work.  Yes, the last 3 weeks due to my illness, it was not much fun.  But I knew that these feelings would begin to abate and the pleasure principle of running would return.  Last night it did.

We had a speaker come in from Physioworks to talk to us about injury and prevention.  I like that Lara always lines up interesting information sessions.  He told us some of the signs and sensations to be aware of and displayed a few more dynamic exercises to do prior to a run.

Apparently doing static exercises is not good before a run.  Static exercises would be stretching out cold muscles.  Doing dynamic exercises lubricates the joints and that is what you want.  So doing hip rolls, squats (side and back), shoulder rolls and waist rotation  just to name a few help prepare the joints for running which is the more important issue.

Stretching out your muscles when they are cold can apparently leave you more susceptible to injury.

I have mentioned this before in previous blogs but I do want to reiterate the importance not only of posture but of form.  Mid-foot running will cut down the chance of injury drastically.  If you tend to run with long strides and are coming down on your heel, try shortening your stride and landing on your mid-foot.  You will be amazed at the energy you conserve and you will cut down on your probability for injury big time.

If you are a runner, you likely know all of this but it always bears repeating.  I know for many who are getting back into it and should they suffer an injury, they may never return.  Had I ended up suffering an injury in the early part of my training, I may well have just accepted that I was biting off more than I could chew and faded away from it.

I would never have found the joy and pleasure that comes from this movement.  And when I think where this one activity has taken me, well, it just blows my mind.

Starting off wasn’t fun.  It began really as a simple challenge to self.  Because of my weight, I initially found it laborious.  But with each session that passed a fire was quietly being ignited in my soul and after that first 15 week training program I had developed a passion for it.

Keep in mind too, that when I was younger I had been a runner and I had loved it then.  So I was really trying to connect to a love that had seemed lost to me. Happily I found it.

In any case, do enjoy your day.  Blessing to all of you.


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