In Training (Day 82)…Spring Has Sprung!

I floated into this day.  Didn’t even need to wear my jacket it was so pleasantly warm.  I had a busy day at work.  Got a lot done.  At lunch I needed to do a bank run.  Pay some taxes and make a deposit, that sort of thing.  I stopped at a little Italian restaurant down the street from my workplace for lunch.  I go there periodically.

A curious thing caught my attention.  A couple came in and were seated at a small table for two adjacent from me.  They reviewed the menu in silence.  The waiter returned and took their order.  Then they sat there…in silence.

I was writing in a greeting card. I gazed up and inadvertently found myself watching these two.  I have a very curious mind and so I found myself periodically turning my attention back to them.  This couple did not talk, not once.  They just sat there.  Their food came and they ate.  No conversation about how each other’s choice tasted.  No comment about the wine being smooth or fruity.  Nothing.

This just seemed so odd to me.  Oh, I’ve seen this before.  It always leaves me a bit perplexed.  Then again I am a bit of chatty Cathy.

Last year my Yoga instructor Slava went to a retreat for ten days. Part of this experience is that you do not speak at all to anyone for the entire time you are there.  Upon his return, I sat one evening after class and had tea and enquired about his experience.  For many people there they partook in Yoga and meditations.  Slava expressed that he got closer to his core during this experience.

I recall wondering if I could go that length of time without talking.  Not really something I had ever thought about.  I still don’t know if I could do it.

But I digress.

With this particular couple there seemed almost a boredom with each other.  No effort was made.  It was as if they had been like this for quite some time.  Had they been together so long that even idle chatter held no appeal I wondered?

I guess too it was the body language that they displayed.  I have seen couples who are deeply in love and don’t talk but the gazes, the gentle touches, all tell the story.

I slipped back out into the sunshine pondering this.  Ah well.  Perhaps it is witnessing such things that makes me appreciate those that I love and care about that much more.

In any case, Spring is here!  Yay!


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