In Training (Day 80)….Alive!

I went for my stress test this morning.  This was the check up on the heart to ensure that the stent had held and everything was in good working order.  I felt a certain degree of anxiety going into this.  I guess just a few too many surprises regarding my health as of late.  With my typical resolve I went to the hospital and checked in.

A half hour later I sat with my cardiologist and he was more than pleased with the results.  They couldn’t even stress my heart out to the max!  Yay!  Cholesterol is great!  Yay!

I needed to hear this.  It seemed to just infuse me with a renewed energy.  “I’m going to be okay.” I told myself has I left the hospital.  The heart is good.

Driving to work I gazed at the beautiful spring sky.  The trees are ready to explode with colour.  There is that sense of renewal, rebirth and I certainly felt a part of that today.

The training for the 1/2 marathon has taken me in so many directions as of late.  What it has reaffirmed is my dogged determination and my appreciation for the body that houses me.  I struggle at times with the emotional components.  Trying to put this woman together in a way that is honest and true.  But I’m getting there.

I went for my run with my group tonight.  I am still slow but the strength is returning.  I will just keep at it.  We ran down to Kits beach and I was blessed with the fresh breeze off the ocean.  Our pace leader for the evening Barb came back to run with me and I told her not too worry…I would just keep at this pace and it was okay for her to go ahead.  (They have a policy about not leaving members on their own)  I have been with this group for three years.   I know what I need to do to regain my strength.  Barb ran ahead with the core pace group she was leading.  I wasn’t too far behind.

When we got to the water fountain where we were going to stretch and begin our drills I ran up on them and smiled.

“Traci is running too fast.  You can blame her.” they all chortled.

Traci grinned at me, “Yeah, go ahead blame me for everything tonight.”

I laughed and said, “Nah, I was taking the scenic route.  Do you know how many good looking guys are down here?” I informed them.

Barb’s eyes widened, “There are?”  she exclaimed.

Now I really laughed.  “Yup, and if you had run a little slower you might have seen a few of them.”

I like the gentle jokes we share.  I love the encouragement they provide.  Traci, by the way, is having issues with her thyroid.  She is an amazing woman.  So many members of this group are such an inspiration to me.  They really are.

I did the drills and it felt good.  I am on the mend.  I felt so alive tonight.  The anticipation and speculation leading up the exam this morning had affected more than I thought.

I am going to head back into the gym tomorrow morning.  I will get a light workout in.  Tomorrow evening I will picking up a gift for my daughter’s 30th birthday this Saturday.

Man!  It has gone by so fast and let me tell you, I lucked out with this girl.  She has been a blessing from her first breath drawn.  That she has now grown to be one of my best friends is humbling.  So I will be haunting a few stores downtown tomorrow after work.

Enjoy your evening everyone and thank you for stopping by.


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