In Training (Day 78)…First Race in the Bag

The legs were heavy still.  The energy still not where I wanted it to be.  But I got out and did the damn thing.  I would run for 2 km and walk it out for 30 seconds.  This worked relatively well until I got to the last kilometer which was all uphill and I didn’t have the strength or fortitude to run it out.  My pace was 7:37 and I am  typically at about 6:49.   I will continue to gentle myself back into condition.

A busy weekend interspersed with moments of anxiety.  Last night I was having dreams of being left behind and lost in the race.  Funny when you think about it.  The psychological issues surrounding this just amaze me.  And as much as I am aware of it, I am equally perplexed by my responses.

During the run, despite it not being the most enjoyable of experiences and in truth, I have not had a really ‘great’ run since getting the flu a few weeks back, I reminded self throughout how blessed I was to being doing this.

Even as the legs screamed at me and the body’s energy seemed to just continually falter, I kept the refrain of movement in my head.  I sucked in the ocean air and willed myself to move forward.  And once again amazed that so small a virus can reduce a person’s strength so dramatically.  There is a respect oddly enough for this micro-organisms.

I met with a couple of members from one of my writing groups in the afternoon.  Gareth just finished his book and had asked Amber and I to give it a read through.  He is  good writer and while I would not typically go out and purchase books about Zombies, I must say I have become a fan of his writing and how he plays with characters.  We discussed at length some of the issues that have been occurring and I will likely be revamping the meet-up site and reestablishing some of the core rules.

I will do this over the next few weeks.

This year has certainly begun in a manner that has me feeling as though I am swimming upstream against the current.  At some point, however, I will be released into delightful pool of being and will appreciate it that much more.  And just as I know that I won’t stay in the state of mind for the remainder of my days it will be a resting point before I continue on with exploration of this life and my place in it.

For some running 8 KM is a long distance.  And you know, it is.  A month ago I was conditioned that running 8 KM would have been easily attainable because of the training I had undertaken.  I had in fact, just finished up running 11.5 KM before I was taken down by the virus.  Yesterday was a tough one.  A reminder to always respect the distance and to respect and listen to the body.

The first race is in the bag and hopefully the body will continue to heal and gain in strength.


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