In Training (Day 74)….Look at all the Pretty Colours

Blossom 1Various shades of grey are displayed through my office window right now.  The rain is falling quite heavily today as it has all evening.

A crow was sitting on an electrical pole mucking about with one of the conduits.  It always amazes me that the birds don’t get fried.  I don’t think I would be sharpening my beak on a piece of metal attached to a live wire.  Various numbers adorn this monstrosity that looks as though it should be on a Frankenstein  movie set.

I am still weak.  Last evenings run was up at a local high school track.  We did a total of 14 laps.  I dropped back after the warm up and ran with the walk/runs.  There isn’t a great deal of walking in this workout anyway but I needed that recovery time to allow my energy levels to regenerate.  I have decided to run again Thursday morning rather than my typical Friday as I have the race on Sunday and want a little bit more recovery time.

I will shoot for a 5 KM run tomorrow morning as well and see how that feels.  I know last week when I did it I was losing steam at the end.  Typically on these runs I get my second wind and am just motoring at the end.  So I will see how it feels and hit the gym on Friday for a low-key workout.  If the energy is good I will do a Yoga session at home early on Saturday at home.

blossom 3So that is the plan and hopefully by the time Sunday rolls around I can turn in a decent performance for the 8 KM race.  Time will tell.

On the drive in this morning I was noticing all the different types of cars, their shapes, sizes and their colours.  At a stop light I noted a Blue Echo, a Gold Matrix then my vehicle which is a Green Echo.  The thought crossed my mind how much I ‘loved’ my car.  It has been a fabulous vehicle.  Then I thought about our odd emotional attachments to inanimate objects.  My admission of loving a vehicle has been expressed by many people.  Several of us have a pair of jeans that we love, shoes that rock our world and our favorite sweater that provides so much comfort.

We want our cars to be sexy, our clothes to be just as racy and we want to look totally hot in them as well.  We want to be just as beautiful as our clothes and our cars.

Last night it was pouring down with rain during the run and I got good and soaked.  I walked into my house and stripped down and hit the shower to warm the body.  As I emerged from the shower I looked at my ‘spare tire’ around my mid-section.  It is the last thing left to lose that sits on my lower abdomen and hips.  The thought occurred, ‘If I can just lose this I will be happy.’

I caught myself immediately in that moment.  Why, I wondered can I not be happy now with my appearance?  It is that moment of ego.  That moment when perhaps I expect too much?  Perhaps it is that moment when I let the world around me dictate how I think I should look.  Then I smiled. I am after all the proverbial bowl of jello when I run.

Many runners are blessed with smaller boobage.  My girls are of a fair size and are no longer the perky little darlings they used to be.  I need to strap them into a running bra that doesn’t allow for much movement.  Trust me when I say they still manage to wiggle and jiggle quite nicely thank you very much.

On a few occasions I have forgotten my running bra and had to make do with an ‘ordinary’ bra.  It is a dangerous venture to let the girls get that wild and wooly. I take my life in my hands I tell you when I run with an ordinary bra on .  One wrong move and they could sucker punch me.  And trust me when I say they have tried!

The ‘spare tire’ tends to ride up and down my body when I run.  Kind of like a tidal swell.  So I must remind self that I am good just the way I am.  I can look at all the pretty colours and know that I am one of them.  I can be illuminating or earthy.  I can shine as brightly as the sun or cast a mysterious moonlight shadow.

blossom 2All that surrounds me I am a part of and vice versa.  And as I gaze out at the various shades of grey I know there is a real beauty in this vision.  That the rain that feeds the earth is encouraging the green buds that are now appearing on barren trees.  Soon an explosion of pink cherry blossoms will occur in Vancouver.  It is really something to see!

The lush beauty that I am blessed to bare witness to with thanks given to grey rainy days such as today.  Enjoy.



2 thoughts on “In Training (Day 74)….Look at all the Pretty Colours

  1. you made me laugh, those flowers sure are beautiful. oh yea forgot your right we are a weird sort of creature that gets attached to inanimate objects, maybe it is because we appreciate the freedom it gives us, the safty after all if you had to bike or walk everywhere can you imagine the high risk of being attacked or robbed or even worse? a car gives mobility at the same time a large measure of protection not to mention a way to carry your groceries and other stuff. and it can carry you long distances without needing a nap


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