In Training (Day 73)…..Body Talk

body image“Don’t panic.  Just rest.”

That was the message that followed me into the sleep realm last night.  My rather manic sensibilities have been running roughshod over me this past week.

The fact that I have missed what I consider vital training with my running I am equating with the feeling that I need to write test and have inadvertently fallen behind in my studies.

When I was younger and such occurrences took place I would stay up all night studying.  I would try to cram as much information into this grey abyss (a.k.a. brain) of mine.  By the time I got into my class and sat down for the test it was evident that I was coming in for a crash landing.  I am not one to learn by simply reading.  I cannot memorize the words, numbers, equations or phrases that are on the page.

I am and always have been a visual learner.  Even with mathematics I need to see a visual of what is missing or what it is we are seeking.  It took me many years to understand this about self.  That I could study and study some more only to have the information slip through into the sea of neurons unable to be accessed unless I could find that visual trigger that would resurrect the information and provide the bridge.

I think that is what I loved about reading books.  A good book provides such splendid visual effects for me.  We recently talked about this at one of my writing groups.  As a writer, do you want to provide exact detail as to one of your character’s appearances?  I think not.  Just give me the basics then let me visualize how I see them.  We then described some of the characters we had been reading about and it was interesting how differently each of us saw the characters that we were reading about.  Of course they had the dark hair or eyes. But some of us saw the person as tall and willowy, and others earthy and plain.

It is always interesting and of course I am deviating completely from today’s topic but then I tend to do that.

For a quick recap as I may well have lost you at ‘hello’ , I am equating my training for a 1/2 marathon with studying for a major exam and examining the parallels that exist between these two events and how I am finding myself responding much in the way I would have to a test back in the day.

Makes about as much sense as a mud puddle, yes?  Good!  You are with me then!

The thing was to listen to my body.  If it wants to rest, let it.  Nobody can function on high energy all the time.  The body is much like the tides.  There is an ebb and flow.  Right now the tide is out for me but it’s coming back in.  I just can’t rush it else it will be too much and just as quickly as the tide comes in it will sweep back out.  So a lesson has been learned.

Last week I think I did way too much in terms of exercise having been sick the week before.  I doubled up a couple of days hitting the gym in the morning, running in the evening and doing Yoga in the evening.  So while I was feeling the strength return, I was expending it as quickly as it could accumulate.  By the time last  Sunday came about I had no reserves left in the wellness and energy department and the body shut down.

So this week I will let the body heal and take it a bit slower.  Yes, I will workout but no doubling up.  Yes, I will run but I will really take it easy.  Movement is the key factor.  If I must do walk / run then I will.  I have my first race this weekend and it is an 8 km race.  I need to respect the distance regardless and prepare accordingly.

If I don’t then just as what happened with those tests of long ago, I will flat line.

The body is talking to me all the time and I need to listen better.

Enjoy your day people.  Thanks again for stopping by.

Body Talk


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