In Training (Day 71)….I Gotta Move Like Gumby!

Last week I was slated to run 12.5 km.  I was coming off of having the flu and opted to go with the walk / run pace group.  I felt very much last week like I was running with moon boots on.  I have been easing back into my workout regime this past week, taking the time to listen to my body.  It still isn’t 100%.  On Friday I ran just 5 km and noted that the legs still felt weak.

Today we were scheduled to run for 1 hour and 45 minutes.  The course was 16-18 km.  I had some friends over for dinner last night.  Ate well, got lots of sleep.  I woke refreshed and looking forward to my run.  I figured out how to use the Nike Sportwatch GPS.  So it was all good.

Five minutes into running and the legs began to give way….no strength, none.  How could this be I pondered as I settled into a walk.  I could feel the frustration beginning to surface.  I had wanted this run…I really didn’t want to miss yet another milestone in the training.  My pace leader, Ken ran back to me.

I explained what was going on.  “I’m going to walk / run part of the course.  You go ahead.  You need to be with the rest of them.  I will be fine.”

And so I covered about 7 km.  I had a few stretches of running that were okay, but ultimately the strength would begin to evaporate and I likely looked a bit like Gumby as I was running.  The sun was quite beautiful.  A biting wind was blowing, however, that was quite strong and blew my hat off a couple of times.  Still my purpose today became to just keep everything loose and moving and get a little strengthening in there.

We have the Easter Sunday off and I am going to plan out a long run of 14-16 km for that weekend.  I should be back up to speed by then.  Today was a bit of set back but hey, I’ll get there.  I need to get one long run of a substantial size prior to doing the 1/2 marathon.

Next Sunday I have my first race of the year which is an 8 km race.  I am just going to keep my fingers crossed that my strength will have returned by then.  Perhaps the stresses of the week regarding my health have played a part in all this too.

I think I will go and sit in meditation for a bit then go for a walk.

If I gotta move like Gumby then I best see if I can find Pokey to lend me a hand or a leg or a back to lay across.  (Hopefully you all recall the Pokey was Gumby’s faithful steed and not something a bit more carnal in nature.)

In any case I will take my Gumby legs, find my dern hat and venture out into the brisk winds.  In a way I feel a bit like I have sea legs too….and if you’ve been out to sea you know those first steps on solid land can feel rather odd.


PS  (Do you think Gumby has cankles?  I don’t know but now that I consider his overall appearance he is a little thick in that part of his anatomy.  Mind you he could well be wearing moon boots as well.)

Enjoy your day.


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