In Training (Day 66)….Tweeting In My Sleep

Last evening’s run was a bit of a battle but I felt much stronger than on  Sunday.  We were supposed to do a Tempo run last night but I decided to just do a Zone 1 run.  I figured if I could just keep a steady pace that would be an improvement and I did.  It was raining last night and I did get wet which I don’t mind at all.  I don’t like how heavy the legs still feel, but it’s coming.

Mary was our pace leader last night and she is really cool.  She is in her mid-sixties, looks fabulous and is well beyond my current capabilities.  We chatted on the way back about what running has given us.  For me it is a freedom and so much more.

This morning’s workout was much better as well.  So I am on the mend.

I had some very strange dreams last night.  I was dreaming about tweeting and coming up with intriguing ‘tweets’.  On my way home from my run last night the DJ asked her audience which record albums had the most intriguing names.  She named off a few and I was running that through the grey matter.  Funny I could think of several song titles that were cool.  Perhaps I am not one to note the name of an album unless of course I wish to purchase it.   I think this may well have factored into the dream as well.

Now in my dreams last night I wasn’t even on a computer just expected to come up with mysterious and odd tweets to entice my global web family.  I had one of those metallic white boards with the coloured letters that are magnets.  Do you remember those?  There was an urgency to this task as I paced with several other people.  Then I would run to the white board and begin to move the letters around to form the various ‘tweet’ ideas.

I came up with some of the following phrases.  What they mean is anyone’s guess.

‘Dark Side of the Monkey Cage’

‘Involuntary Orgasms Make Better Lovers’

‘Revolving Doors from the Eastside’

‘Silent Lucidity is Louder than you think’

‘Karma found me gazing at the Moon’

And those are a few samples of the prose that invaded my dreams last night.  I am always fascinated by the dream realm and what it can tell us.  Perhaps I am getting a little bent out of shape about this Twitter thing. Do you think?

What I realize as well is that I need to be plugged into this device consistently throughout the day and at this stage of the game that is not a viable option.  One has to wonder if Barack Obama is actually plugged in all the time or is someone tweeting on his behalf.  Hmmm.

Sometimes I think we are too plugged in.  Everything is instant these days.  I like the email thing.  Facebook is good to a point.  I have people on Facebook who live vicariously through it.  If they fart they tell the world they did so.  I have my blog linked to my Facebook page so friends can read my melodramatic state of mind if they so choose.

I guess I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the Twitter thing.  I can see its value once again, to a degree.

I could get myself into trouble with this tool.   If I were a little inebriated, well let’s just say verbally I have been rather ‘creative’ at times.  I don’t know that I would want it in print able to forever haunt me.  And I guess that’s the thing of too.  I have got to figure out the target for this thing when I do decide to implement its use.  Currently I don’t see the point in stressing about it.

I am back at my doctor’s tonight.  Review all the tests from weekend.  Somehow I have a feeling we may have stumbled upon something.  I will find out later today.

Enjoy your day everyone.  Peace out.



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