And so it will begin again….(Day 62)…The Outer Limits

I likely have a strain of the flu.  That is the prognosis of my doctor and I tend to agree. Still to rule out any other mysteries a series of tests were set up.  Get the chest x-rayed, have the pelvic region undergo an ultrasound and remove all the blood from my body.

Oh yes, I kid, but when I looked at the requisition and how many check marks were on the damn thing I wondered how many vials of blood would be removed from me.

Yesterday I called the lab that does the X-rays and Ultrasound.  They had a cancellation at 8:30 AM Saturday morning.  I snapped it up.  You cannot have any coffee or eat anything.  You just have to drink a lot of water, which did…or at least I thought I had.  I arrived at 8:20 AM.  The girl stated she did not see me listed on the appointment list then requested my CareCard.  Smiling she told me, “Your appointment was for Friday morning at 8:30 AM.”

I looked, no doubt, quite perplexed.  “I called for the appointment yesterday afternoon.”

She pondered this for a moment realizing that perhaps a colleague had made an error.  “Have a seat.” She smiled.

I am not a fan of these places.  They make me rather squeamish.  I know it is likely just me and I also realize how fortunate I am to have these amenities so readily available.  Still I have been feeling far too fatalistic as of late.  My name was called in quick order and a few minutes later I was sent back out.  My bladder was not full enough.  Drink more water and wait half hour.  In the meantime we did the chest X-ray so that was off the list.

Back out in the waiting area I noted that the majority of people having ultrasounds done were women expecting a child.  Many round bellies were observed by this woman today with this odd desire to go and rub them.  (No, I didn’t do this, but I wanted to).  I began to feel the discomfort of having to urinate and informed the front desk.

I was taken in again.  Bladder still not full enough.  The technician couldn’t see my uterus.  Well, I explained, had I known that I would have encouraged the poor darling….you see, my uterus is a little shy.

Yes, that odd humour of mine.  I was sent back out to the waiting room for another ten minutes.  I drank more water.  It occurred to my now that I had likely consumed my daily requirement of water in a very short period of time and as I sat there trying very hard not to think about the discomfort that was ever increasing I took note how many people were drinking.  Closing my eyes I tried to find a position on the chair that would have the least amount of pressure.  Finally I slipped over to the front desk and said if I didn’t get in soon, this could all be for naught.

The kindly technician came  out and called my name.  As she applied pressure to my pelvic region with the wand she was quite delighted that my bladder was full.  I smiled painfully and replied that all my organs were likely afloat within my body at the moment.  That odd little smile of hers.  No doubt she has heard this several times.

We completed that portion but there was to be more.  I didn’t care.  She told me I could use the washroom before we proceeded further and I vaulted off the exam table and headed out the door, standing in the door way with my pants undone her gentle voice indicated ‘To your right.’

And relief!

I had now been at this clinic for two hours.  Stepping back in the exam room she instructed me to remove my lower clothing as now we would do the internal portion.  I did not know they did this but hey, lets get it done.  I laid back down on the exam table.  A bolster now in the middle for me to settle my bottom on.  A paper blanket was provided to cover me modestly.  Coming back into the room she moved about the room with practiced authority.

Settling herself she handed me a wand under the paper blanket.  “Could you please insert this like a tampon?”

Now I watched the monitor.  I have no clue what any of the things are that she looking at.  She was examining my ovaries, then I saw reds and blues.

“Is this in colour?”  I asked.  She told me the red was blood flow.  I didn’t ask what the blue was.

She was seeing my vagina and its surrounding area in all it glory and I was trying to strain my neck around as well to have a gander.

“Your uterus is crooked.” she commented.

“Yes, I know.  I was told that was one of the reasons the birthing process took a little longer.”  I smiled at her.

I was probed for about fifteen minutes then she took the info to the radiologist to ensure that the imagery was good.  I cleaned up and gazed at the monitor now that held several stills of my interior pelvic region.  I tried to determine what it was I was looking at.  I thought about the ovaries and fellopian tubes and how they look like a cow’s head in diagram.  Didn’t see any of that.  At times the images appeared to be that of a moonscape.

I was now free to go after just over 2 1/2 hours.  I needed food and coffee which I have now consumed and feel almost human again.

Tomorrow I will begin running again.  At the moment I feel out 98% of my normal.  We are supposed to run for 12.5 km.  I’ll take it easy.  Ease back into it.  And I have to look at my outer limits too.  The energy that surrounds me and care for not just the physical self but all the rest of me.   Perhaps a meditation is in order.

In the meantime I will go out and enjoy the beautiful sunny day that we have been blessed with.  Enjoy!


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