Non-Training (Day 58)…Bottom Line

I woke up in a pool of sweat this morning and felt the best that I have all week.  Could this have been a flu bug that I’ve had?  I have been rather dramatic over the past few days in my posts.  But just go ahead and read the symptoms for the flu and then read the symptoms for heart ailments.  They are interchangeable.

What I realized is that I need to educate myself a little bit better on the matters of the heart.  I have pulmonary testing coming up on the 26th.  This is something that would have been required in any case.    It has been moved up due to the symptoms that I have been experiencing because, yes, stents can fail.

So I need to find out the percentage, when and what that looks and feels like.  I was talking to my sister last night and I wondered if I could have an angina attack that lasted for four days.  What is the duration of these events?  What is the typical duration of the symptoms?

I’ll do my part and maintain my health.  I will also hold an awareness to my well being.

This is the first time I have gotten ill since having the stent put in.  It is the first time that I have had to consider there may be other issues of a more serious nature at play.

There were far too many questions on my end and an internet full of generalizations. One website asked me a series of questions that kept veering off track, then CALL 911 sprang upon the screen.

I didn’t.  I realized in that moment that self-diagnosis could actually do more harm than good.  There has been a wide range of emotions that have played themselves out over the course of the past five days.

I am admittedly a terrible patient.  I don’t like feeling weak.  I don’t like feeling ill.  And yes, like most people I feel afraid at times.  This passed though.

I have not done any training this week.  The decision was made last night to wait until I feel ‘normal’ again.  This morning I am feeling pretty close to normal.  The fatigue, the aches, etc. have all but subsided.  Just the last few strains still linger.

So I will make up my list of questions so that I don’t become an anxiety ridden mess every time I do suffer some form of illness. Did you know that aches and pains, tightness and congestion in the chest, chills, fatigue can be attributed to pretty much every illness on this planet?

And of course the erstwhile imagination that I have had me convinced that perhaps when I had the H1N1 virus back in 2009 that it wasn’t that but might well have been heart related.  I have been pretty tripped out about all of this so I have now resolved to just educate myself a bit more and not let the anxiety run amok.

Ah yes, to be human.



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