Hello Moonlight, Goodnight Day…

And what transpires through the mind just prior to crawling into bed to catch a few winks?  Glad you asked!  I know it’s just been on the tip of your tongue.  Well, I just finished up with my writer’s group.  It was productive as well.  I always gain unique insight into what I am producing.  It is those light bulb moments when you can take your writing to a whole new level because someone as shone a light on a particular aspect to it.

And if I have sounded like I was on my death bed over the past few days, understand that at times I can be a little dramatic.  I am not nearly as bad as I used to be but there is still room for improvement.  But airing my fears helps immeasurably.

So what is on my mind right now?  Commercials.  They drive me a little crazy at times.

Have you seen the one online?  Shows a woman with red stuff on her face.  The next image is a flawless complexion.  The phrase is “Doctors Hate this Woman.  How does a 53 year old woman make herself look 27 years old for pennies?”

I can guarantee you the answer to this would not cost ‘pennies’.  And all doctors hate her?  Cardiologists, podiatrists, pediatricians, etc.  They all hate her?  Why?  Well, she’s not sharing whatever secret she supposedly knows for free.  I was curious one time.  I know, I know.  I shouldn’t have bothered to go further but my morbid curiosity got the better of me.  I didn’t get very far…I think I downloaded malware on my computer as a result and they show a wrinkled up woman who does not look 53 years old.  She looks 75 years old.  And she doesn’t look 27 years old when she is done doing whatever it is she is doing.  She looks…..

Well, it is irrelevant.  They want you to put some kind of crap on your face that will make you look incredibly young.  Ah, yes.  The fountain of youth that we all aspire to you.  I just want to be healthy.  I can deal with the aging…just let me do it in a way that allows me to be active.

Another commercial I have been hearing on the radio.  It is for a security company named Sonitrol.  The catch phrase “Criminals hate Sonitrol and it is recommended by law enforcement.’

Now seriously?  Is there a security system out there that is preferred by criminals?  Do they check to see which systems are in place prior to doing the deed?  Perhaps if they are breaking into Fort David or the Louve, then perhaps they might scope it out.  Would it turn them off if Sonitrol’s system was in place?   Likely not.  And do note the law enforcement recommended this product.  They did not endorse it.  There is a different.

So these are some of the odd things slipping through my mind as I now try to quiet it to slip into bed.  Empty it out.  Let the day slip away.  Welcome the night and the nourishment of sleep.

Good night everyone!


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