In Training (Day 54)…Now for something completely different….

(Just to give you the heads up this post will contain some very graphic language regarding sexuality.  If you are sensitive to such topics and find them offensive, then please read no further.)

I did make it to the gym this morning though I was tired.  I had an idea for a story and well, ended up writing the premise down last night.  Eleven pages of a new idea. That will be enough to leave it for a bit before I go back to it.  Got my characters down, got the loose plot down and then finally went to bed.

I will type it up on the weekend and perhaps get my Purely Fiction blog up and running I can post it for your reading enjoyment.

When the alarm first sounded I seriously considered passing on a workout this morning.  I got up though thinking it would be really nice to have a steam bath after my workout.  The steam room at the gym has been closed for a few weeks for repair so I was really looking forward to it.

I did a lite workout then hit the steam room. Well, it still isn’t working.  I sat naked on cold tiles as steam that was luke warm at best tried valiantly to fill the room.  Condensation occurred but not of the variety I am familiar with.   I stuck it out for 10 minutes before deciding this really was cruel and unusual punishment.

What slipped into the grey matter this morning was the subject of sex toys and various apparatuses designed to enhance the sexual experience.

I spent many years denying my sexual self completely and since resurrecting that side of self and integrating it back into my being I have been extremely curious.  I have worked with a sexual healer and through him I have met other men and women who have enlightened me to a certain degree on the thing we aren’t supposed to discuss in polite company.

Well, I never had much in the way manners so I might as well dive right in.  What prompted this?  Women’s health as well as their partners.

I have over the last few years become increasingly aware of what I put in my body.  I really am trying to adhere to a diet of whole foods and should I purchase something that is canned or bottled, I read the label. I have made considerable progress but there is certainly room for improvement.

Then I started to look at what I was putting on my body.  Lotions, facial creams, etc.  Again, something of an eye opener.  I am now researching how to make my own lotions and moisturizers.  I have a fabulous recipe for a lube.  If any one is interested, say the word and I will send it to you.

I took a workshop just over a year ago on self-pleasuring.  I had taken dance classes with Devi that I really enjoyed, so I was curious as to what new information she could offer up in this category.  My biggest complaint though is that, according to Devi, I need to be stimulated for at least 40 minutes before I can have a mind blowing orgasm.

Now if I am with someone, this can be quite fun.  Nothing like a slow burn being kindled and letting it get hotter, then hotter still.

But I am a lousy date with just myself.  Devi encouraged us to take an hour out at least to pleasure ourselves.  And this I suppose is where I am sadly lacking.  So I decided I had to get better in this area.  After all I am a single woman and I am responsible for my own pleasure.

So began the exercise of looking at products to assist me in this quest.  James had suggested the Honey Dipper Wand and I did purchase one through Devi. This is a fun little tool that is used manually.  It can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration, however, do not use it in your anus then your vagina and vice versa without it being clean.

It is very easy to clean as well and it is not toxic.  This was the other reason I opted to post this today.  The majority of sex toys are petroleum based and are toxic.  Sad but true.  Particularly vibrators.

I have a couple of products that I purchased a few years ago.  One was called The Tongue and was supposed to simulate oral sex.  NOT. The other was a squishing feeling vibrator.  They both found the back of the closet pretty quick.  And perhaps it’s a good thing too as I discovered later that both were petroleum based.

Why didn’t I like them?

My saving grace in this department is that I cannot tolerate the noise that vibrators make.  I don’t know, something about the sound of a buzz saw or lawnmower poking around my private parts is a bit of turn off.

They can send a man to the moon and yet they haven’t invented a vibrator that can sing like Barry White.  Go figure.

I have gone to marketing shows that display every sex toy, apparatus, lube, lesson, classes and then some.  Yes, they have classes such as Spanking 101, S&M 101, Oral 101.

And it just amazes me what we are putting in our bodies these days.  I came upon one table that had hundreds of rings on them.  The man was quick to advise me what each of the penis rings did.  Unfortunately I don’t have a steady penis to adorn them with.

And the vibrators!  My goodness.  Some as small as a finger tip (I like those) and other that are the size of a rocket launcher. I was looking rather perplexed at this item and the woman told me that if I liked fisting, I would love this.  She did point out that it was a specialty item that it needed to be handled correctly.

I was trying to wrap my head around the idea that someone would actually get excited having something of that size in them to begin with.  But we are all very different in our sexual appetites now, aren’t we.

That is something that I would not even consider trying.

And then I came upon an apparatus that looked like a giant tripod.  A handle was anchored to the top and two stirrups dangled down.  A woman slipped into it to give a couple of girls a demonstration.  Once in your legs are spread wide open for your partner.

This was simulated and then the woman asked one of the girls if she would like to try it.  The girl looked quite excited at first.  She got her feet in the stirrups then tried to make herself comfortable and her feet started to point in every direction.

I would find that just a bit too dangerous and it didn’t appear to be particularly comfortable.

My friend and I continued to walk about.  They were doing demonstrations of how to restrain someone and some of the things they might like.  I could not believe just how many sex toys were there.  It is one hell of a big business.

The question I now ask is what is this made of. There were many products that held a certain appeal but they were petroleum based.   So ladies, please do your homework on this.

The good thing is they are now beginning to market products that are non-toxic.  If we ask questions and refuse to purchase items that contain toxic materials then eventually they will come around.

I will continue on my quest of pleasuring myself fully in ways that are perhaps a bit more creative.  What I do know is that to be healthy on every level you must acknowledge and feed your sexuality as well.

It is equally as important as every other aspect to your being, perhaps more so.

So do take care of yourself in every way and if you would like the recipe for the lube, do let me know.



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