In Training (Day 52)….Somethin’ smelly ’round here

The eyes didn’t want to open.  They squinted at the illuminated numbers on the clock as if they were bright as the Sun.  Slowly consciousness followed the partially opened eyes to acknowledge that it was time to get up.

I was in the deepest of sleeps.  I felt as though I was emerging through several layers of….well, here is where the description fails me.  This doesn’t happen very often but when it does I often find it difficult to liken it to any one experience as it is so unique.

I guess I am between the waking world and the realm of sleep for an extended period of time.  This morning it lasted for about five minutes before I could shake myself from the dredges of sleep.

When I am in this state I am dreaming still and very cognizant of this fact.  And so I watched myself running naked down a moonlit beach that I have been to so many times before.  Beside me my beautiful companion the horse, and then I dive into the surf.  Descending quickly and a whale, of the humpback variety comes and slides up beneath me.  I slip onto the back of the whale and then we rise at an amazingly fast pace to the surface and the whale leaps clear of the water.   I am tossed high into the air and then begin my descent.

I watch as I laugh in delight.  I hear the piercing cry of a hawk and a huge red hawk slides beneath me then dives back to the beach where I am deposited.

Exhausted I am laying in the sand staring up at a million stars.  Marveling at the beauty before and around me. It feels as if I am in a different time, a different space.

All the while that I am watching this, I am gazing at the time on the clock then turn to gaze out my bedroom window.  My arms surround a pillow as I remain caught between two conscious states.

Then the image of me on the beach fades and I am brought fully into the wakened state.  I smile and become aware that the clock sounds like a truck backing up.  Beep! Beep! Beep!

Rising now I get ready and head into the City to get my workout on.  There was a beautiful full moon last night and I can still see a bit of it but clouds are moving over the ghostly white orb now.  The images I bore witness to in bed still strong in my mind.

And you know its funny, because everything just looks a little different right now.   A little sharper.

I had a decent workout and will be running tonight.  I look forward always to my running sessions.

After the gym I stopped and got my coffee and headed to the office.  Turning down the street close to where I work a skunk waddled out in front of my car so I slowed and let him pass.  We don’t usually see them at this time of the morning as it is light out now.

The skunk waddled up onto the sidewalk and I pulled up to the red light and watched as he turned down a walkway to a highrise.  Coming up the walkway was a well dressed man in a suit with briefcase in hand.  They stopped, both man and skunk, looked at the other then turned and ran.

I began to laugh.  Now there is a wall along this walkway that separates the building’s walkway from the public sidewalk which run parallel to each other.  Wouldn’t you know it.  They both turned and headed down the sidewalk meeting once again.  Now I was just howling as they both ran in the opposite direction yet again.

The man ran to the back of wall and waited until the skunk had made its choice.  It isn’t a high wall or anything.  Maybe three feet in height perhaps, so I could see him all the while with his eyes darting about.

I have been sprayed by a skunk before.  It is an unpleasant experience, so I understood his concern.  But this was just so delightful how it played out before me.  Comedically their timing was perfect.  I hope the little guy managed okay and got to his destination safely.

It was a wonderful little chuckle though that has left the smile on my face very much in place.  What a great beginning to this day.





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