In Training (Day 50)…Endurance

When thing get tough, the tough get going.  I think that’s the phrase?

We did 12 KM today.  This was our 1 hour and 20 minute week.  Lara actually had us run part of the course today.  Now the first part of the race course is really beautiful.  It’s all downhill! But this was not a point to point run today.  So the second part of our run was coming back up the lovely hill we had descended.

I didn’t do too badly.  There is about sixteen city blocks that have a substantial grade to them before it levels out.  I was quite delighted when I saw that it leveled out.  I did have to walk it out for about 30 seconds on a few of the inclines.  Today had a few firsts for me.  I ran with my fuel belt for the first time and I consumed my first Gel.

When we began our run I found the additional weight of the water bottle noticeable but ten minutes in I found I had adjusted to this.  It is very comfortable as well.  I consumed the Gel mixture at the 40 minute mark.  It took about 10 minutes to kick in.  Not quite the kick I had hoped for and I did only bring one.  I mixed it with a bit of water prior to leaving the house this morning as I do have a Gel flask on the fuel belt.  And it tasted quite good actually.

I was telling Ken, who leads our pace group, that for me fifty percent of running is the psychological aspect to it.  If I mentally prepare for a run then I can usually mange quite nicely.  Last week, for example, I just took for granted that it would be an ‘easy’ run.  I am finding something different each time out.

Ken commented on his own experience, the war with self when fatigue sets in.  He told me one side would be nagging him to stop and the other would be nagging him to keep going.  I am certain all runners have this dialogue from time to time.  I remind myself all the time of how far I have come since I started this.  Of the doors that have opened, of the opportunities that have presented themselves and how this has affected every aspect of my life in some form or another.

I told Ken about my motivation to begin running again.  Sitting in BC Place during the opening ceremonies of the Paralympics back in 2010 here in Vancouver.  Of watching people with no legs do amazing feats, of watching people with physical challenges of all kinds stepping up and excelling at their chosen activity.

And there I was, overweight and dealing with depression, and somehow it seemed so small in comparison.  The realization came that I could change these things.  As I watched the Parade of Athlete’s enter the stadium that night, the joy and energy that they exuded permeated my very being.

Who was I?  I was able-bodied but had I ever challenged myself?  Had I ever stood up and said, ‘No, I don’t want to live like this any longer.’

In truth I had been changing, metamorphosis you could say was occurring for many years.  I think I was laying down the foundation then building self up.    That night I accepted that I needed to take things to a whole new level and I have never looked back.

As I pushed through the hills on our return today I knew that my endurance will continue to grow.

I am curled up on my sofa watching the rain fall outside.  Yes, we got wet today.  I am showered and fed and am getting my laundry done.  And one word comes to mind of how I feel right now.


Enjoy your Sunday.


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