In Training (Day 46)….Blonde Moments

Last night we ran hills.  This is one of my favourite runs that Lara has put together.  She calls them up and overs.  We basically run up an incline that levels out three-quarters of the way up then we run back down and do it all over again.  This is repeated between 4 to 6 times dependent upon the running level you are currently at.

It was a beautiful night too.  The stars were out and it was crisp and cold.  A half moon hung in the sky. I could not have asked for better conditions to run in.

It was during the run back to the store that a few members commented that they don’t like this run.  I smiled and said it was one of my faves.  Then I pondered why that is.  I really love the cadence workout as well.

What I surmised is that both of these runs require a good degree of focus.  They are both very internal exercises in that form and function need to be adhered to.

Nothing wrong with just running.  In fact my Friday runs are just that.  Perhaps it is the time of day that I run that makes these particular runs so spiritual for me.  Perhaps it’s because I am on my own so there is a heightened awareness.  Interesting.

As I was making myself ready for the work day after my workout this morning, I wondered what optimum health will like on this 55-year-old woman.  The only word that came to mind was rosy.  I should look like a polished penny but then they don’t make pennies in Canada any longer.

Banks won’t even give you a penny back. They round-up.  I was told this yesterday as I cashed a petty cash cheque for the office.  My memory took me back to a time when we could purchase three pieces of candy at Mrs. Mitchell’s convenience store for a penny.

She was a sweet woman who would always give you some candy if you didn’t have any money.  She never liked to see anyone left out.

I was thinking too about the little aches and pains I have been experiencing with this training.  Pandora smiled when I brought this up as I was leaving the gym.  I made a rather magnanimous statement about having survived yet another grueling workout.   This was said, by the way, with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

‘That’s the point”, she stated, “That we just keep pushing ourselves.”

Another thought emerged at this.  Curiously I wondered what it is that makes us want to be faster, stronger, smarter, more desirable, etc.

This odd obsession of wanting to be ‘the best’.  But whose ‘best’?

Yours or mine?

It is raining right now.  If this was your first time in Vancouver you would not know that mountains adorn the skyline.  It is a gray day and the bushes across from my office window are being whipped into a frenzy.

A woman at the gym commented this morning that she didn’t like the gray skies here.  I have never minded this.  And I thought back to those times when I have walked Vancouver’s streets and been spell-bound by her raw beauty.  The way a shaft of light might dance along a road that desperately needs to be repaved.

The snow-capped Lions turning pink with the rising of a winter sun.  The crash of the waves against the seawall during a storm.  Running through a summer storm as lightning flashes and the skies open with a downpour soaking me to the skin.

And I delight in these things, simple though they may be.  I love the energy and am humbled by it.  Always this place reminds me that I am a part of all that is around me.

I have a connection to this place I call home.  A strong one.

Let’s finish this off  with something I don’t say often.  I like my hair.  I got it cut on the weekend and you know, I kinda like it.  I am a blonde with no gray yet.  The girl who did my hair had a look for me.  I thought, hell, that’s something, yes?  Might not have the greatest hair in the world, but at least I still have my colour.

Ah, yes my ego.  And as much as I am trying to let go of ego, I know I will never completely rid myself of it.  Then I think I would not be me.  If I didn’t have my neurosis and odd little things that I do and say then who would I be?

So I accept that ego needs to be there on some level.  Maybe that is what drives us to be faster, stronger, smarter, more desirable, etc.  Perhaps that is the challenge to ensure the ego doesn’t take over in these endeavours.

I was thinking of a phrase just now, ‘Pennies from Heaven’.  I wonder if they’ve stopped making them there too.

Enjoy your day.


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