Imagine That

I was reviewing some of the posts I have put up over the last fourteen months.  They have really run the gamut.  I have displayed various levels of emotions.  I have introduced you to some of my rather odd humour and my rather strong opinions on the state of the world and spoken quite openly about aging as well.

The point of this blog was to practice the craft of writing and I feel quite confident that I have done that.  People have encouraged me to put up more images as that will apparently attract more traffic online.  The majority of the photos that I have uploaded have been shots that I have taken personally.  I guess the thing is that I allow just a 30 minute period to get whatever is on my mind out.

When I have had the time I will go back and add some photos particularly if I am relaying an experience having to do with a Photowalk that I have been on.  Do I have some posts that are favourites?  Yes and I will very shortly compile a list and tell you why I like them.  One thing too, I have made an attempt to be very transparent with my writing.  I want the reader to get a good sense of who and what I am about.

At this moment I am finishing up my breakfast at the office.  I am typically the first one in the office.  I am nibbling on a fruit salad comprised of red seedless grapes and oranges.  These are the seedless oranges as well.  There is a beautiful day unfolding before me. The clouds are parting and the mountains received quite a bit of new snow yesterday so they look as though they have been covered in icing sugar.

And as I was getting ready after my workout this morning I thought of all the things I have shared on this site.  You have come to know my passion for running and my desire to reach optimum health on every level.

One thing you haven’t really exposed to, however, is the fiction that I write.  I have just finished a memoir and am currently in the final stages of editing it.  I hope to release within the next few months.  Being that this is my first foray into publishing I can tell you it has been a remarkable experience thus far.  I have met people who have given me a plethora of information.   And so I have reviewed my options.  I have entertained the idea of having an agent but with this book I have decided to self-publish.  It is my story, my memory that I am sharing so out the gate this one stands alone.

For those who know me it will be a difficult read but I think it could be difficult for any number of people.  Still, it does have a happy ending.  Okay, not really an ending but a happy beginning or a happy tune-in-next-week kind of feel to it.  I am rambling now and venturing off topic here so I will give myself a mental shake and get back to it.

I write a lot.  I get ideas and grab a notebook and just run with it.  I currently have five other books on the go. Three are a fantasy in the fantasy genre and after drinking a lot of beer one night and becoming completely delusional, I decided that I could tie these stories together and make it a trilogy.  The other two are different genres as well.  One is an Erotica novel, and the other a romantic drama.  And then there are the little short stories that I jot down.  They could eventually become a novel.  I like to get the idea for the book down so I usually just throw together about five to eight thousand words then tuck it away.

If I were writing full-time, man, I would love that.  I wonder if I would ever see the light of day or if I would just be a slave to the word.

So the idea that I have come up with for this blog is that I will from time to time share a little bit of the creative juices that flow through me.  I am not sure if I will set up a second blog on this site or just keep this one running as is.  I thought it might be a good exercise in the creative arena.

Not too sure how I will set this up just yet, but I may let a story unfold on this blog in a purely fictional manner.

Stay tuned and thanks again for checking out my posts.


2 thoughts on “Imagine That

  1. Keep the words coming Nancy. You are an inspiration to those of us not yet arrived at our full potential. Our time will come if we can learn to open our hearts and let the universe be in the drivers seat. Keep it going girl, you are amazing.


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