In Training (Day 44)….The Learning Curve

Sometime I wonder how I arrive at certain conclusions when in hind sight they seemingly have no rationale at all.  I have been rather obsessed as of late with my consumption of  proteins, carbs, etc.  I have been trying to nail down what works for me.  Nothing is more uncomfortable whilst in the middle of a run and having the sudden urge to use a bathroom.  I have been a bit preoccupied by this factor.

Indeed I have been fiddling with my diet trying to ensure that these needs are attended to prior to a run.  I am becoming much more successful in this.  On Sunday I made the mistake of not eating anything prior to the run.  In my head it was a recovery week (just 50 minutes), so no problem.  Five minutes into the run and on an empty stomach, fatigue set in amazingly fast. Realization kicked in just as quickly.  I berated myself for once again taking a rather nonchalant attitude toward this run.  Just because it was only a 50 minute run should not be cause for me to take it any less seriously and that I can somehow get away with not preparing properly for the run.

So lesson learned.  I ran with Tracy who is coming off of an injury and she was running much slower than usual.  She typically out runs me quite easily and even did so yesterday as well as I just didn’t have the energy to maintain the slow pace we were running at.  It was a walk / run for this girl and a new appreciation for the science of this thing we know as running.  I shouldn’t be getting bent out of shape over having to use a bathroom during my run.   The run routes that Lara puts together for us always have facilities along the way so I know I am not alone in finding myself with such a dilemma from time to time.

I won’t head out for a run again without the proper fueling.  Tracy also reminded me of a sports psychologist that Lara brought in a few years back who talked about having a bad run.  Every run is very different.  Last Friday for example, I had a fabulous run.  Sunday could well have been a good one had I prepared myself but I did not.  Hence, not the enjoyable outing I had first anticipated.  We train not only for the good runs but for the bad ones as well, he had explained to us.

When we have a not so good run, mentally we are prepared for it.  I was talking a week ago to a fellow in our group Duane who did his first marathon back in October or November 2012.  It was the Fall Classic here in Vancouver and I am not 100% certain on the date.  He was telling me that at 33 KM he hit the proverbial wall.  The last 11 KM were brutal.  Not only did he have the extreme fatigue and jelly like and lead weight limbs but he experienced the nausea as well.  Still, he finished the race.  And he is still out there running.  There really is a huge psychological component that accompanies running.

I think that is one of the biggest draws from me.  I learn something about self at the completion of each run, be it good or bad.  They are not really ‘bad’ runs either.  I use this term loosely for lack of a better description.  Let’s just say at times when I am running I feel like a well oiled machine and other times I feel like the tin man.

This was a very social weekend for me as well.  I was connecting with people from school pretty much the entire weekend.  One thing I realize is that by just attending the same school we share a connection.  We grew up during a very tumultuous time as well.  And I have a far greater appreciation now for where I came from and how it has helped to shape the person I am becoming.

We never stop learning.  It is an ongoing process.  One that at times is exciting and exhilarating in the revelations being disclosed and at other times painful.  And what do I aspire to be?

Kinder.  Gentler.  Non-judgmental.  Loving.  Human.

With that…I will close this post and toddle off to work.  Enjoy your day.


One thought on “In Training (Day 44)….The Learning Curve

  1. I’d always heard carbs before a run for fuel and protein after for rebuilding, although I’m not sure if this is still the prevailing wisdom or not. If it is, I guess that would mean carbs for dinner and protein for lunch since you run in the morning.

    I don’t run as much as you do, but my one dietary rule for myself is no beans or nuts the night before a longer run, to prevent the problem you mention in your post. Poor peanuts always get the shaft: when I used to sing in choirs, we didn’t eat them the day before a performance either.


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