Do You Ever Wonder?

This is kind of off the beaten path of my training today.  I have been pondering over a lot of information the last six weeks.  I am really wanting to shed all my inhibitions and in a sense be reborn, if that makes any kind of sense.  And I wonder if that will be possible.  Will I be able to leave my past in the past?  Will I be able to let go of and rewrite all the negative messages I received in my youth?

In all fairness, I thought about this and I don’t really think it is possible to remove myself completely from this side of self.  It is, after all, one of the reasons I am the person I am today.  There are no guarantees.  At the end of the day you’ve got to work with what you’ve got.  What it all comes down to is that at some point in my life I recognized that I did have a choice.  That I didn’t have to just accept the role that had been given to me.  I could change that role and I have.

I got to thinking this morning as well about how much things have changed in the last 100 years or so.  I mean mega-change.  I mean colossal change.  Think about it.

Change is a constant and I am constantly changing and making choices.

A bit of a history lesson today.

In 1913 the Titanic had sunk in the previous year.  World War 1, The Great War, had not yet occurred.  That would begin in 1914 and run to 1918.  Henry Ford was beginning the first assembly line in manufacturing the automobile.

There were roughly 1.7 billion people on this planet.  Today we are approaching the 7 billion mark.  One hundred years ago the industrial revolution was really beginning to kick it up a notch and the Suffragette movement was born.

Yes, the women’s  rights movement was born.  They were protesting such things as the right to vote.  One hundred years ago women in Canada did not have the right to vote.  Provincially women would get the vote on April 5, 1917 and federally it would be a year later on May 24, 1918.

You know, I have spoken to many young women today who ‘don’t see the point‘ in voting.  This I find astounding.  Yet for every painful step forward women are slowly emerging and coming into their own.  It is interesting what has side tracked our progress as being equal to our counterparts.

Today the impetus on women is to be perfect.  Be a size zero.  Spit out a few babies.  Cook, clean, work and make your man unbelievably happy.  And you are to do this with a smile on your face as you harken to the beck and call of all of those around you, gladly catering to their every need because you are a woman.

I sound a wee bit jaded, don’t I?  I suppose at times I am amazed at some of the ways we as women have actually regressed.  But as I noted earlier in the week, growth can be a painful process.  Hard to know what to let go of and what to keep as I am finding out.

One hundred years ago TV had not yet been invented.  Commercial TV would not be offered to the public until 1939 at the World Fair by RCA.  There was quite the controversy over patents and the like but the ‘babysitter’ was born.

I still recall getting our first colour TV when I was 11 years old.  The first show we watched was called ‘The Bold Ones‘.  They were all blue as we did not know how to set the colour contrast on the thing.  We were mesmerized by it though.

Prior to that, the transistor radio was the thing to have.  We used to listen to theatre productions on CBC Radio.  I still like those to this day.

Yes so much has happened in the last one hundred years and I wonder what is to come?

Will there still be wars?  What will we be fighting over?  Where will technology have taken us?  Perhaps we will be fighting with drones.  Will women have found equality?  Will violence against women still be acceptable in certain cultures? Will rape still exist?

What will the population of the world be?  Can our Earth sustain it?  Will we have learned how to to do business differently?  Or will it still be ruled by the 1%?

In a hundred years I won’t be here. Will the echoes of my concerns have been addressed or just disappear like a whisper on the wind?

And so I wonder………..


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