In Training (Day 39)….Hmmmmmm!

Last night I had a really good run with my group.  We did circuit training which is great strength training.  The one thing I am not very good at is doing ‘burpees‘.  This is an exercise that requires a decent amount of upper body strength as you are going down in a plank position, but kicking your legs out and back and then standing up again.  I am not very good at these.  We were using the roadside curb as well which is pretty low to the ground.

I did my best which was awkward. All I can do is put out my best effort.

My workout in the gym this morning was intense.  I really stepped it up.  The thing with my upper body though is that I have shoulder issues so I am contemplating physio or some form of therapy.  I will have to look into it a bit more.

As I was getting ready for work I gave the face a close inspection.  As I approach my mid-fifties I am noting white hairs growing out of the oddest places.   The tweezers came out to pluck the mustache that was beginning on one side of my mouth.  I checked under my chin but nothing was growing under there.  Spooky, eh?

I did a few facial exercises while in the shower trying to combat the jowling that is beginning to make an appearance.

Sounds tragic, doesn’t it?  It’s not so bad really.  I mean men lose the hair on their heads and then it grows out of their ears and nose!  Rather delicate places to have snip and cut, yes?  And of course there are those who fail to groom these areas.  Scary!

I think my half mustache issue began a few years back though.  I received a gift certificate for a mani-pedi.  The salon’s employees were very aggressive…asking if I wanted this or if I wanted that.  I had three of them working on me at one point.  Rubbing and massaging to the point where I was in a rather blissful state of relaxation.

“Shall I wax your mustache?”  the woman poised over me asked smiling.

I had just entered my fifties and was struggling with the whole concept and having something of a mid-life hiccup.  In that moment I was yanked from my blissful state and stared horrified at her.  “I have a mustache?”

She nodded.  Why had I never seen this thing?  And of course I gave my approval to wax poetic on my face that day.  God, they must have loved me.  I let them wax and pluck every visible orifice they could find.

Since that time I have had half a mustache that just sort of pops out every now and again.  At least I don’t have hair growing out of my nipples.  Now that would be painful.

There seems to be a revolt against hair though, don’t you think? When I was growing up long hair was all the rage.  The hairier the better.  Men had hair longer than a lot of women.  Now they are shaving it all off every part of their anatomy.  I find this most curious.  I love hair on a man.  Granted if it resembles a fur coat then yes, maybe a little shaving is in order.

Then you have women, some whom have decided to ‘go natural’ and let all the hair they have been shaving for eons just grow back in.  Hmmm!  Interesting.

I do the typical amount of shaving and plucking I suppose.  Now it would seem I just have a wee bit more to do.

Tomorrow is the commercial grab bag known as Valentines Day.  For those like me who are single, it is just another day.  Tomorrow I will be participating in One Billion Rising.  Globally we are hoping that one billion women will stand together against violence against women.

That such offenses still happen with so much frequency is deeply disturbing.  I will be at the Vancouver Art Gallery at noon tomorrow to stand with my sisters against these atrocities.

I invite women everywhere and men to stand in unison against this.  It’s time to eradicate this behaviour completely. It is not acceptable.  It never has been and it never will be.

I hope you will stand with me tomorrow.

Enjoy your day.


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