In Training (Day 36)…Reckoning

I am curled up on my sofa letting the muscles relax.  I ran approximately 11K this morning.  We ran for 70 minutes today.  I need to get the fuel belt in place.  Tomorrow I will head downtown and purchase it.  I went to the Sport Chek store out at Lougheed Mall and they did not have the fuel belt I wanted so I will have to go back to the store downtown.  That’s okay.

We ran quite a big loop and did a tempo run for the last 20 minutes.  For those of you not familiar with the term, a tempo run is where you increase your pace.  We were running in what is commonly referred to as Zone 1.  Now this is the pace that many long distance runners will stay in for the majority of the race.  Your breathing will be easy and your gait will be relaxed.  We all have varying degrees of speed in Zone 1 as well.  Our pace had been at a constant 6:45, so for the first 10 minutes of the tempo run we bumped our pace up to 6:30, for the second 10 minutes we increased it to 6:15.

Entering into the second level of the tempo run is where I began to feel fatigued.  We were 55 minutes into the run now.  So I should start fueling at the 45 minute mark.  And that is what I will do next week.  I now have to start playing around with the fueling and find what is most effective while I am running.

I tried two other sport products after the run.  I have been testing out what tastes okay.  Today after the run I tried the Muscle Milk.  Far too sweet in taste.  I didn’t like it.  It is supposed to taste like chocolate milk but it just far too sweet tasting for my liking.  Second up was the GU Chomps.  These are like Gummy Bears.  I purchased the blueberry flavoured.  This didn’t taste like blueberry at all.  It wasn’t terrible but certainly nothing to write home about. The texture of the Chomps will take some getting used to, but I will give this a whirl while running.  See if it actually gives me the kick I’ll need. They do have other flavours as well.

So I am feeling a little sleepy now.  I have an extra day off as it is a long weekend, so this is nice that I can veg out for a bit.  I will get up soon and I think go for a walk and perhaps take the camera and take a few shots.

Enjoy your day!


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