In Training (Day 32)….What’s In a Number?

Quite the beautiful morning unfolding before me right now.  The sky is a watercolor blue with rain clouds now evaporating having replenished the earth.  The air smells damp and fresh.  Water molecules hang on branches and cling to blades of grass.  The sun is playing hide and seek at the moment, slipping in and out from the clouds.  And I am once again blessed to witness this moment.

I had a good run last evening.  There was a little trepidation, an awareness that I may not be at 100% at the moment.  We ran intervals.  This was set up as our 10 minute warm up run.  We did our A, B and C’s then strides.  The intervals were set up to run at Zone 4-5 for 90 seconds then jog it out at Zone 2-3 for 3 minutes.  We repeated this process 5 times then did a warm down run back to the store.

This morning’s gym session was good as well.  I am feeling stronger.  Yes, I have aches and pains.  We all do.  I just have to work them out.

Now on the drive in this morning I got to thinking about numbers.  I have studied numerology a bit.  It is interesting.  I have a curiosity about things of this nature.  It is quite an in-depth thing too.  Not quite so simple as just your birth date and name.  The same is true of astrology though.  Many of us look at the newspaper each day to see how we are going to fare according to our erstwhile astrologer.

The astrologer for my local paper seems to have me always buying shoes, or telling me it’s a good day or a bad day to make such purchases.  The forecasts are vague at best.  ‘You may or may not find love today.  You may or may not find a good job.  Beware Mercury is retrograde.  Don’t buy shoes, Pisces!’  But these make me smile. Again having your chart done is a mathematical thing based on  date and time of birth, all the varying degrees of the planets as they were aligned that day.  For the record, I don’t have a thing about shoes.  I like to find a pair that is comfortable than wear them until they are falling off my feet.  When it comes to shoes I am practical as well.  Though high heels look nice and make the legs of any woman look fabulous, I cannot tolerate them for any length of time.  Put me in heels for an evening and by the time I arrive home I usually want to cut off said feet.

But I digress.  There is a science to numerology and astrology.  No doubt there.  What I wonder is why the need arose to try to divine who we are in such a manner?  That we are born under a planetary influence or a number. This lends to certain traits being instilled upon birth.  Interesting.

I am a Pisces.  Yes, my birthday is coming up quickly.  I will be 55 years of age.  I am a life path 11 in numerology.  Interesting number.  And I got to thinking about the length of a 1/2 Marathon.  22K.  I was born on the 22nd of February.  According to numerology 22 and 11 are master numbers.

As I have stated, this 1/2 Marathon is much more than just a race to me.  Is there some significance regarding the length being 22K?  I don’t know.  Just an interesting little tidbit I suppose.

Why do you suppose we do personality tests and have our charts done and go to fortune tellers?  Are we looking for assurance?  Are we looking for direction?  I don’t know how many psychics have told me I am supposed to be rich.  Of course there is always some evil star hanging over my head that only they can remove for a ‘modest’ fee that prevents me from knowing such wealth.  If it were only that simple we’d all be mufti-millionaires, yes?

If these things influence me in some manner, I can accept that.  But ultimately what direction I steer my life in is totally up to me.  I think we all have the propensity to live an enriching and enlightened life just as we can easily succumb to forces that are manipulative, self-serving and dark in nature.  The whole positive and negative thing, you know.  It is in each of us.

And as I approach my mid-fifties, I am feeling okay with it.  When I first turned 50, I confess I had a moment of prolonged ego and vanity hit me.  I got out of bed one morning and my butt dropped followed rapidly by my boobs and then the dreaded jowling began.  Fifty saw the body loosening up considerably and somehow my skin just didn’t seem to fit me anymore.  It was too big.  I am okay with my age now.

Age is simply a marker, a passage of time.  Does this number define who I am?  No.

So I will toddle off now and go and play with the numbers at work.  I am an accountant by day…by night, well, I leave that to your imagination.



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