In Training (Day 31)…Expectations

Good Morning!  This day started with me being pulled from an incredibly deep sleep.  The alarm was making its typical rude sound but even as the eyes opened and focused on this intrusion, it took several more seconds for the illuminated numbers to register as the time.   When this acknowledgement finally came a thought struck me as to why I would want to get up at 4:45AM.  Finally being pulled from slumber I begrudgingly muttered, ‘Gym‘.

I hit the snooze button.  Definitely needing the extra 10 minutes this day just to wake up.  The body was still in a dream somewhere experiencing the sensation of water and hands moving over it.  The mind was still partially there as well and I wanted to slip back to that place.  Even as this thought occurred I knew I could not.

There was a gentle rain falling on the drive in.  I got to thinking about how I had spoken of my physical limitations the other day.  Then I wondered why we note what we can’t do rather than what we can or what we have done.  Perhaps I was thinking restrictively about my physical well-being.

Just because my hips locked up on me should not cause me to abstain from physical activity on a Saturday.  I just have to ensure that the body is given the rest it needs before I challenge it yet again.  I have already far exceeded what I thought I would be able to do physically again.  So why not see just how far I can go with this thing?  I want to be the healthiest I have ever been in my life in every aspect.

Why put limits on what I can do?  If I experience physical pain then of course I need to pay attention.  This is simply a signal that the body isn’t quite up to the task I had set for it and that I need be back up a bit.  Perhaps stretch a little more; prepare a little more.  I need to get to know this vessel that I house.  I need to nourish, replenish and respect it.  God knows, at times I have not been kind to this body of mine.  And yes, I have certain imbalances that need to be compensated.  I have a crooked foot so running for me has my right foot landing on the outer side and rolling inward on an angle.  Makes the gait a little awkward but that’s okay.

Let’s blow the lid off of the limitations shall we?  I can’t think like that anymore.  What I need to adopt is that I have the expectation to be fully engaged in each moment of my life as it occurs.  To appreciate the rapture and just let myself drown in it.  To open myself to the energy that surrounds and become it.

And even on those days when reaching certain goals proves more of a challenge than others then I will just do what I am able to at that time.  It is not a limitation and I can’t view it as such.  There are days when I feel like I could run forever.  Does that mean I should?  It is never the same on any given day.  Nor should it be.  So I will move forward with this evolution of mine.  Who knows where it will take me?



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