In Training (Day 24)….Year of the Snake

I was pondering the Chinese New Year on the drive in this morning.  February 10th is the Chinese New Year this year and they will be ushering in the Year of the Snake.  I am a Dog under the Chinese zodiac.  It is time it would seem to shed some skin, or in my case, fur.  This will be a good year, a challenge but a good one.

I am intrigued by energies that we are born under.  It is an interesting study to divine one’s past, present and future based upon the star power they were granted at birth.  Interesting too is the power of suggestion.  Under the Western zodiac I am a Pisces.  Having researched both the Western and the Chinese zodiac ideologies I can see certain commonalities.  Still to understand it fully you should have your charts done.

Now interestingly enough for the longest time I was told I was born ‘around dinner time’.  I was also told that I weighed 12 lb. 4 oz. upon birth.  Because I didn’t have an exact time I assumed that birth was in the 6PM to 7PM range.  Finally out of curiosity I ordered my detailed Birth Certificate.  Turns out I was born just after midnight.  And I was 8 lb. 12 oz. at birth.

There was this sense that returned to me from childhood that I was insignificant and that I just didn’t matter as I read my birth record.  How could my parents not know when I was born or what I weighed?  Childhood was an experience in disconnect from the get go for me though.

I can recall thirty years ago the exact time my daughter was born.  She was born at 4:50AM on March 30, 1983 after 16 hours of labour.  The moment I laid eyes on her I fell in love.   She weighed in at 7 lb. 12 oz. and was 21 inches long.  She was the greatest gift I have ever been blessed with.

So the fact that this information didn’t seem of importance to my parents might well be because it simply wasn’t.  I don’t know if my arrival was something they were pleased about or not.  I was the forth child to come along so perhaps there  wasn’t much in the way of enthusiasm.  Then again it was very different time I suppose.

I have read much about energies and numbers over the years.  I have come to a place where I fully accept that I am interchangeable with the world around me.  We are made of energy in varying degrees of matter and we are made up of light.  Without light we would not be here.  With this acknowledgement comes the point of how to project the energies that are contained within my being in a positive light?  And that is what I am currently trying to nail down I suppose.

There are continuous fluctuations that occur.  Many of you may have heard about vibratory output.  The higher your vibratory output the better.  And energy is a vibration.  It is true.  If you walk into a room where everyone is feeling sad, you pick up the ‘vibe’ immediately.  Same is true if you are feeling a little down and you walk into a room of happy people.  Automatically you will begin to feel better.  The trick is keeping your energy aligned to where you want it to be and not being influenced by the energy fields of those around you.  Not an easy task.

Think about the mob mentality.  For example, during the Stanley Cup riot here a few years ago, there was a common excuse.  “I just got caught up in it.  I don’t know why I was like that, I’m never like that.”  For the record, there were a lot of people who did not get caught up in the mob mentality.  For those who did, they should be persecuted for their behaviour.  But if you look at how that bad energy spread like a cancerous wildfire throughout the crowd that was gathered, then you begin to understand why you need to be responsible for your space.  It was a moment of true horror for the majority of Vancouver residents.  To watch as our beautiful city was assaulted left a feeling of devastation.

This is just an example though of the energy by which I am speaking.  If we all decided to project a good, pure and beautiful energy at the same time worldwide, I wonder what would happen?  I wonder if they managed to get one billion people to say ‘Om’ a little while ago?  This can be a difficult thing to orchestrate and so I have decided to just try and project goodness into this world on a daily basis.  Can’t say that I will always be successful, but I will try.

Enjoy your day and I send to you love and peace.


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