In Training (Day 13)…Fogged In

Good morning!  Are you out there?  Can you see me?

Yup.  Foggy here on the west coast this morning.  I got up for my run at 5:00 AM and man, what a fabulous run I had.  My head light had burnt out so I couldn’t run through the park.  I likely could have as it isn’t that dark through there, but it is winter and there could well be icy patches that a light would bring to my attention so I modified the run a wee bit.  Still, running through the mist this morning was so cool.  I do have a few hills that I need to conquer still.

I live in a suburb of Vancouver called New Westminster.  At one time it was the capital city of British Columbia.  Just thought I would share that little piece of info.  It is not a very large city being just 7 square miles in size.  It sits on the Fraser River then progresses….uphill….all the way!  And let me tell you, some of the hills are doozies!  When I first moved to New West,  I told my daughter we would become a couple of mountain goats with those hills or else we’d die trying.  Those first few months I would walk up a hill and it would feel like my lungs were going to explode!

Like everything in this life, we adapted to our surroundings.  Walking up the hills is of no consequence now, but it is still a bit of challenge to run up some of them and I have not conquered them all…but I will.

Did I just say that?  Someone give this woman her medication!  Now!

Yes, I am being silly.  I remember when I conquered one hill that is on my long route in New Westminster, so not the run I did today.  This was approximately a year ago now.  There is a hill on McBride that extends from 8th up to 10th and it is a winding hill with a rather substantial incline.  The day that I ran up that thing in its entirety was a Rocky moment for me.  I bounced around at the top pumping my fists in the air and of course I had the Rocky theme blasting through the grey matter.

That’s what  I love about running though. It is so very personal.  Each little success marks a milestone of sorts.  Each run so different from the last.  Some are fabulous and others challenge me.  Some really make me work for it.  And when its done there is that sense of accomplishment and of completion.

Do I have good form as a runner?  Most likely not.  I have a crooked foot so my gait is likely a bit awkward and that’s okay.  The fact that I am so blessed to be doing this again is what matters. Will I ever be super fast?  Nah.  And that’s okay too.  I run for the pleasure of it.  I run for the freedom it provides.  I run for the lift in spirit it provides.  And I run for the life it breathes into me.

I will start to try out some of the recipes I have come across soon.  I found a water mixture of honey, lemon and sea salt.  So I will try that one out and see if it provides the little boost I need.  The most important thing too is to be comfortable while running.  I am looking at arm bands to hold water / electrolyte supplies rather than a fuel belt that goes around my waist.

Up above the fog is a blue sky with cotton ball clouds.  It will likely be a few more hours before this all burns off.  Time to get to work.

Peace out everyone.  Enjoy the day.



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