In Training (Day 11)….Blessed

I had a great run / workout last night.  We ran drills, which are designed to increase strength and speed.  That was followed by Lara giving us a demonstration of exercises we can incorporate at the gym.  I met with her prior to the workout to go over some of the things I need to do as I prepare for the 1/2 marathon.  I have a better idea with the diet now.  I have some cookin’ to do!

The other thing that I have been exploring is making my own boosters for the run.  Rather buy the GU (gels) or the Bonk Boosters (power bars) or Gatorade (electrolytes), I started to look and see what I could make.  I found recipes for drinks that had lemon, honey and salt in water.  That was appealing to me.  Apparently one of the women in my clinic is making her own gels which consists of molasses and a whole bunch of other good stuff.  So perhaps I will go that route.  I don’t have an issue with my stomach, but I must admit as of late, I have become much more aware of what I put in and on my person.

For example, as you may well know Gluten-Free diets are all the rage right now.  I began to look a little more closely at this only to discover that back in the 1960’s when big business began to genetically modify food, they also increased the levels of gluten as well.  Now the amount of gluten that is often in food is unfortunately at such a high rate that is clogs ups the intestines, and slows digestion and a whole host of other issues.  Hence, we now have obesity rates going through the roof and with the increase in weight comes many other health related issues.

Why did big business genetically modify food?


It has never been about the well being of people consuming the product.  I suppose that is why I shy away from things such a beef.  We all know that these gentle herbivores have in fact been fed meat products and been shot full of steroids to make them bigger and fatter at a faster rate.  The outcome of that was mad cow disease. And I don’t even want to think about what consuming such things will do to self.  Of course they will tell you that it is safe to consume.  I don’t know.

I look at the rates of depression and mental health in general and you  know, I can’t help but wonder if much of the food that sits on the grocery store shelves isn’t partially responsible for this.  I cringe when I think of how I used to eat.  I know too, that it was the consumption of that (food?) that created the blockage in my heart (aorta artery).  I was fortunate that it was found before anything happened to me.

And it just amazes me that in one generation we somehow forgot how to eat.

Growing up we used to can and preserve food every autumn.  We baked salmon and put it in jars.  We went to the orchards and purchased apples, berries, peaches, apricots, etc.  We baked and made preserves of all of these things.  We ate beef which in all fairness tasted much better then.  I think we really subscribed to the 100 mile diet eating what was available locally.

In the summer too, we had a garden out back.  We grew rhubarb and peas and tomatoes.  There is nothing better than fresh rhubarb and strawberry pie right out of the oven. Yum!

Now I am moving back to those habits of preparing all my food myself and that includes things that I will require during a long run.

I am taking today off from working out.  I have gone three days straight and will be going four days straight starting tomorrow.  Lara said I need to work in one day off per week which makes sense.  I don’t want to overdo it and end getting injured.

I do know this.  I am blessed in so many ways and it is something that I want to share with everyone.




2 thoughts on “In Training (Day 11)….Blessed

    • Thanks. I am really trying to just get everyone to really look at what is on the labels in the stores. When you stop and look at what is in some of things is it any wonder we have the issues we do today. Even with soups (one of the easiest things to make, by the way and least expensive), the majority of them have such a high concentration of sodium that it negates any nutritional value. If we have too much sodium in our system then retention, retention, retention occurs.

      Glad you enjoyed this though.


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