In Training (Day 10)…Mending

I slept really good last night.  This was the first night in about two weeks that I slept right through and wasn’t dancing back and forth between the waking and sleeping realms.  I am starting to focus on specifics now.  This morning at the gym I really contemplated what exercises I should be doing considering I am running tonight.  Rather than do my typical core and alternate upper and lower body, I opted for just the upper body today.  The legs are going to get a good workout later on.  Tomorrow perhaps I should bring more natural resistance training into play to allow a certain amount of recovery.  We will see.  I am meeting with Lara prior to the run tonight and will run some of this by her as she is assisting in setting up my training regime and will be giving me some nutritional advice as well.

It was so beautiful driving in to the city as well.  We had a few centimeters of  snow fall yesterday, particularly in New Westminster where I live.  The branches of the trees were encapsulated in snow.  Frozen so silently and still as if in a deep slumber.  The mind was alive and wishing I had my camera then smiling and wondering if I would really have the time to stop and take a few shots.

I went to a few photography seminars on the weekend.  A few years back I had taken a ten week introductory workshop through Vancouver Photo Works and decided to check out a few seminars on some of the other workshops they offer that I have an interest in.  I am a fan of long exposure as well as nudes and I love playing with light in contemporary and street photography.  The workshop that caught my interest was The New Nude with Syx Langemann.  I don’t have any issues with photographing someone who is naked but I think my first time out my be best served under the tutelage of someone who has 20 years of experience under his belt.  If anything, I want pointers on lighting and on how to make someone feel comfortable.  The majority of the models he uses have likely been photographed nude previously, but I want some pointers on if I was taking someone’s photo for the first time in the flesh and they were nervous, what are some of the things I could say or do to relieve them.

In the long exposure seminar Marc Kroegel displayed an image that had been a one hour exposure of a couple making love.  You couldn’t really see the bodies, just various ghostings of arms and legs amidst a brilliant green mist.  And I wondered if the mist was created by the heat emanating from their bodies.  I wondered too if the image had been Photoshopped.  Marc asked us if we would put this image up on our wall.  I raised my hand in the affirmative and this surprised him.  He stated that the majority of people would not want such an image on their wall.  But it was just beautiful and no, you could not tell what they were doing.

Like writing, photography is something I love as well and am trying to become better at it. There are certain things I want to explore in photography just as with writing.  And shooting nudes is right up there.  It’s funny you know, most people think of nude photography and equate it with pornography.  To me they are very different.  The human body is a beautiful thing in all its many shapes and sizes.  Think about its many functions and capabilities.  I have an interest in just photographing ordinary people…not models…just your average Joe and Jane.

For many women we are taught from a very young age to feel shame about our body.  I would like to capture that vulnerable state of just being stripped down with no inhibitions.  To me that is a really beautiful place and I would love to capture in a photograph.

This morning as I was washing up I looked in the mirror frowning at the spare tire that still hangs around my waist.  Then I caught myself in that thought and stood taller.  I gazed once more at the body that was mirrored before me.  What ideal am I looking for I asked myself?  In all honesty as I approach my 55th year I look pretty good.  I reminded myself of this fact and will try to counter those judgements I place on myself.  Again it is the reprogramming aspect to all of this.

Perhaps too I will stand before a camera in my naked state and show that most vulnerable side to self as well.  There is a certain freedom to this.

Best I get to the job at hand.

Have a great day.



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