In Training (Day 8)….I’m Alive!

Okay.  The title would suggest that I am being a little dramatic.  But then I tend to be that way from time to time.  This icy Sunday morning was my first long run with the clinic.  Now these runs are all designed by Lara to assist in building endurance and stamina.  The Tuesday clinics are designed to build speed, agility and strength.

I have always done long runs on my own in my neighborhood, so I must admit I was a little nervous this morning.  Many of the regulars at the clinic told me not to worry, that I had run the Coho (14k) so I would be fine.  Still, this is a new animal so I approached with caution.

The run was a challenge as we had some hills but it felt great.  Because we were running in sub-zero temperatures we ran a little slower than normal as well.  I wasn’t aware that things can happen to the body if it is really cold and you run too fast, but apparently certain issues can arise.  So I tucked that little tidbit away to later research and see what could befall the body.  I will let you know upon discovery.

I must tell you it was magnificent out there this morning!  The sky was a deep blue with a few clouds painted across it and the mountains are completely covered in snow.  Yes, it was cold at first but once I warmed up it was perfect weather for running.  I love the way the cold feels against my skin when I have my sweat on.

We will be running in timed increments.  Today we started with a 50 minute run over an 8 km course.  From the schedule it appears the time will be increased and decreased alternatively, but the time will in fact increase over the long run.  So today we did 50 min.   Next week willl be 45 min.  The  following week 60 min.  then the week after 55 min.  So we will in fact be increasing and building as the weeks progress.  There will be different routes as well and that is the other thing that I liked about this challenge.  I should have several new hills to conquer over the next 17 weeks.

Emotionally I have been rather introverted as of late.  I am really focusing on the little things that come up.  For example, when I got to the store this morning and saw all the people there, for what ever reason I felt intimidated.  I felt less than.  No, I have not done a 1/2 marathon clinic before but this is now the fourth year I have run with this group.  Why did I suddenly feel as though I didn’t belong?  And too, I had that sense that I should explain why I was there.  Instead I just stood quietly off to the side taking all of this in and turning it over.

As I was running it occurred to me that throughout my formative years I had the refrain of ‘you can’t do anything right’ or similar sentiments hardwired into me.  For the longest time too I bought the package that had been sold to me.  So again, I am changing the programming.  With each step this morning I began this dialogue with self.  ‘I can, I will and I have.’

When our group leader Ken called time at 50 minutes, we had run 7.2 km at 7:07 per/km.  Not too bad for our first time out.  The last few blocks we walked it out back to the store to cool down.

My cold is almost gone, just to let you know.  That was a wee bit of concern as well.  I feel great.  I feel strong.  I feel invested in oh, so many ways!

I hope you all having a fabulous day.  Now I have to do some menu planning.  Cheers!


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