In Training…Day 6 (Sidelined)

This first week of training was decent, however, I got sidelined with a cold.  There is the annual flu bug that seems to have invaded our fair City along with the rest of North America and I came down with the cold.  For me it was a sore throat and I still manage to do my run and hit the gym.  Admittedly yesterday my workout was lighter and I hit the steam bath to see if I could sweat this thing out of me.  I think I could have stayed in there for the better part of the morning.

I decided this morning to book off work today.  I didn’t run this morning but I really want to be able to on Sunday morning.  The other thing I am in the market for is a Yoga DVD.

I was attending a class weekly for close to a year and now I am not certain if the place is even open.  The last class I was at was just prior to Christmas, and there were for sale signs on furniture, mirrors, and wall hangings.  We were told then that the owner was planning on going to Israel for a year.  Then I received a newsletter from the place.  Go figure.  In any case I had decided that I would find a decent DVD and just do it in the comfort of my own home on Saturday mornings.

There are Yoga places galore in Vancouver.  It is a very popular activity here.  You could say its trending here.  The thing is it can be very expensive.  The majority of Yoga studios charge $20 per class.   The typical class is one hour in length.  I had found a great place that was $10 per 90 minute session.  And really fabulous instructors.  They had been trained not just on the physicality of the craft but the spirituality of it as well.

Yoga lets you touch base with your core in a way that no other activity does.  It is about the breath and it makes me really internalize how I am feeling.  Is there tension?  Breathe into it.  Why is it there?

I am more flexible than when I started but I have a long way to go.  Perhaps too, I should be doing more than one class per week and if I can find some really good DVD’s then perhaps I will.

Perhaps I will begin to review them online after this post.  This will be a short one.  Not going to whine pathetically about my condition.  Better to take a day off to nurse myself back to good health then push it and end being down and out longer.

So enjoy your day everyone.  Here is to good health, always.


2 thoughts on “In Training…Day 6 (Sidelined)

  1. Nancy, if you haven’t tried Oil of Oregano and Echinacea/Goldenseal both in tincture form I would recommend taking a shot of them in water a few times a day to help your cold in a natural herbal way. I am not a doctor and am not prescribing but wanted to suggest it as I personally find them very beneficial. Good luck with your writing endeavor.


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