Is It Just Me?

For the past week now my sleep has been broken.  I am waking up on average of about 4 to 5 times a night and I am having some really strange dream activity these days.  There is a restlessness in me when I slip into bed.  And this energy that is just tripping me out.

Because of this I have not worked out in the morning as I am too tired, and yes, my energy level has been just a little on the low side these days.  I suppose we can’t be moving at full throttle all the time.

On the drive in this morning I began to consider things I could do help me sleep through the night.  It is one thing if I just wake up once but this past week has been unusual.  I will be drifting back to sleep and hear my name called and have this strange sense that I am not alone.  As stated the dreams are just all over the map and I wake up completely confused by them, then slip back into sleep.

Now I am wondering just what these dreams are trying to tell me.  Some of the content in them  had me feeling rather disturbed by my actions and others I was confused by my actions in them.  They were so ‘not me’, if you know what I mean.  Still, it is curious and perhaps it is one of the emotional blockages that still exists and is perhaps beginning its ascent from the dark recesses of my grey matter.

Last night I was watching a series on CBC about the dark matter of the brain. I will have to go to their website to gain additional information.  What researchers are investigating is the ‘resting brain’.  Apparently the brain in this state consumes 20% of the body’s energy constantly and they are curious as to why it consumes so much if it in fact is not doing anything.  They are beginning to believe that the brain’s dark matter is in fact the conductor.  That is in essence where all the networks and neuropaths have been constructed and feed the conscious self.  That the dark matter of the brain could in fact hold the key to who you are and what makes you the way you are.

There was a woman showcased who had been repeatedly gang-raped during her formative years.  She has suffered extreme emotional damage and this showed up in the dark matter of the brain.  Over the years she was misdiagnosed time and again.  She is part of a study being done and while they didn’t really go very deep into the therapy being applied, it appeared to be a computer program developed to help her re-construct new neuropathways.

I am rather fascinated by this thing between my ears.  How it functions and doesn’t function.  How it can be directed to hide information and how it interprets information.  Interestingly what I learned last night is that a child who suffers deep emotional trauma as a child can in fact have a certain amount of dysfunction and or damage which can cause mental illness.  Quite the breakthrough, yes?

That was what I was pondering as I fell asleep last night and then entered into yet another night of strange sleep.  I will definitely be researching this more.

I am going to try doing a meditation before I go to bed and see if that will assist in getting me back to my previous sleep pattern.  There is definitely an odd energy though that I am noticing even in the waking world.  It is telling me to pay attention and I have a feeling if I don’t then things could get rough.  I am paying attention.

I am curious how many others are feeling a different energy around them these days as I don’t think its just me.  Let me know.

On this gray day in Vancouver I bid you good-day.



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