This Thing Called Rape

I send a prayer for the unnamed woman and to her family who recently died as a result of her injuries incurred after being gang-raped on a bus on December 16, 2012. I am confounded and deeply saddened by such cruelty.

I feel the stain of this crime as I am certain women around the world do.

Why is it that women are still seen as some form of disposable property to be used and discarded at the discretion of a man? That a man can use a woman at his will for his pleasure which seems to be of all importance. The woman does not matter in his mind at all. She has no purpose other than to see to his needs, wants and pleasures. The woman’s are secondary at best.

Why is there still such backward thinking in this world?

Rape is the most vile of crimes. It categorically strips a woman of the most sacred part of her being, the feminine self. How can any man claim that an invasion of this type is warranted?

How can a man say that ‘she was asking for it’ based upon her manner of dress?


How can he try to justify such cruel impudence in such as act?

The actions that claimed this woman’s life…well, the words truly escape me as the enormity of her last conscious moments play out in my head. She was basically torn up like a piece of garbage. Fucked and then beaten and in the end they took a metal rod and inserted this into her female core and pounded away destroying her organs.

And as I see this played out in my head, all I can do is cry and ask why this still occurs?

What is even worse is the lack of responsiblity this crime seems warrant from government officials. That there actually has to be a protest to try to encourage better protection for women is appalling.

There is nothing manly in the act of rape.

Women are the bearers of life…we are the sacred feminine….we are beautiful, loving creatures. And why men cannot or perhaps refuse to see this is beyond me.

Women are divine by their very makeup. We have been blessed with these beautiful forms that can give and receive all manners of pleasure. And when a woman has found her true feminine nature, when she has moved from the societal vision that has dictated whom she should be and accepted instead what she is, you will never find a more gracious and loving being.

To the men who feel they have a right to invade the female form at their will, let me ask you this.

Does it feel good? Do you feel powerful? When you see her tears and hear her screams and watch her bleed do you not feel any remorse? That this is some kind of enjoyable exercise to you is frightening to me, because you will never know the true beauty and magic that can and does transcend between the union of a man and woman as it was meant to be.

You have no power, none. And just keep lying to yourself that it felt good because it didn’t. How could it? There is no pleasure to be derived from such an act.

To the many good men in this world, please stand with us and help us affect the changes that are necessary so that this word ‘rape’ can be eradicated from our world.

To my sisters in this world I stand with you in silent prayer that someday the veil will be lifted and we can walk in this world with no fear based on our sexuality.



2 thoughts on “This Thing Called Rape

  1. This particular act was extraordinarily violent, and has made headline news all over the world for two weeks. Not that any rape is not violent and disgusting, but this one has the signature of a serial killer, that in our society haunts psychologists and law enforcement, and the general public alike.
    Every culture has its monsters. In North America, we do not tolerate such acts and move quickly to enforce the laws that deter them. This isn’t the case in that part of the world. I myself as a child witnessed the murder of a woman as her husband opted to mow her down with his car rather than give her a divorce. She has their young child in her arms at the time. The child was unharmed. I still remember watching her walk up my alley and noticing her exceptional beauty. I was 6 years old at the time…
    He couldn’t to lose his prize possession, so he killed her instead. I’ve witnessed a significant amount of violence against women having grown up in a south-east Asian ghetto. My point is that there is a cultural acceptance of this type of behavior in that part of the world. A complete and total disregard for the physical safety and emotional needs of women. Rather than nurture them, they tolerate them until they come of age so that they can be sold to the highest bidder to fulfill their duty of home making and child bearing.
    Their government turns a blind eye to the treatment of females. It’s so engrained in the culture, that to rape is a prerogative. It’s disgusting, yes, but it’s a part of culture that we as North Americans can’t understand. Well maybe the republicans can with their ‘legitimate rape’.


    • Understand though, that unfortunately it still occurs in North America more often than we may think. This is a global issue. Women worldwide are still sexualized and exploited. Sadly we still have a long way to go before we have true equality with men in this world.


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