Wake Up Canada! Wake Up World!

I have been watching videos and reading articles about the Alberta Tar Sands all morning.  Recently Prime Minister Harper sold Canada out to the Chinese in this regard, but then Alberta has been selling off the Tar Sands to foreign investors namely the US market for years.  Now a pipeline is to be built across British Columbia to export oil to the Asian markets. 

I will stand with my fellow Canadians to stop this from occurring I was born and raised in this country and I love its natural beauty.  I cannot tolerate what is being done all in the name, once again of oil. 

We need to pull our heads out of the sand, namely the tar sand and really think about what we are doing.  Why are we not developing other means of energy?  Why are we not focusing on electric vehicles?  Why are we not further developing advanced solar power methods that can in fact store this energy.  We have the technology and don’t allow anyone to tell you differently. 

There is a plethora of information that we, the common people are not privy to.  When cars were first being developed and electric vehicle was manufactured.  Henry Ford and a few others saw to its demise.  The threat that this vehicle would trump the combustion engine that ran on gasoline was too great.  Money was at  stake.  A lot of it.  And look where we are today?

We need to wake up.  We need to change how we do business.  We need to step up and demand these changes. 

Right now we are being ruled by this thing we call an economy.  It is an oil based economy.  It has not been in existence for that long really.  And in the space of about one hundred years where has this economy taken us to?  Yet we have been led to believe that we need this and so our entire foundation as a people has been built on this idea over the last century.  And we continue to consume, we continue to want more money, bigger houses, faster cars.  To what end? 

I live in a condo that is heated with radiant heat.  Yup.  The old boiler method or also known as central heating.  For the last 14 years I have made certain that I have lived in buildings with this form of heat.  It doesn’t cost anything.  They have developed a way to better control them now.  I have one of those new fangled thermostats.  The only thing I pay for is my lights and the technology with lighting now using less energy means that my bill is somewhere in the $30 per month range. 

When I was living in houses that were heated by natural gas, the bills just kept rising expotentially.  I have friends who have houses and there bills are in the $300 to $500 per quarter range to heat their homes.  In fact, I will go there and need to keep my coat on in the winter months because they only turn the heat on for a little while as it has become too expensive to heat the home. 

When you have to decide whether to put food on the table or heat the house the sweaters and blankets come out. 

And how did we come to this point?  We are told that the world is running out of oil so naturally as demand increases and supply supposedly decreases, cost goes up.  That is how the game is played.  That is how the giant corporations that offer this product continue to make record profits year after year after year. 

And yet I live in a place that was built back in the 1970’s that uses radiant heat, which is simply hot water.  It is a technology that has been around for a very long time and could well replace the furnace.  I am not certain what the costs would be to change over though it is something I will perhaps do some research on.

Why not have all houses and condos built with radiant heat?  Why not look into the solar panels and how to store that energy for future consumption?  I am sure it is being researched and likely someone somewhere has developed this ability. 

I have said it before and I will say it again.  We need to change how we do business.  It is not going to be about profit in the future.  It will be about sustainability and longevity and fairness.  Everyone on this planet deserves to have a roof over their head, clothes on their back and food and clean water to consume.  Those are the very basic rights that should be afforded to all of us. 

Now I am looking at this deal that Prime Minister Harper has just brokered with the Chinese.  This scares me.  I did not vote for Harper.  In fact I cannot stand this man and his politics.  He is taking my country down a very dark path and I know I share this view with many of my fellow Canadians.  He still has two years left in his term.  We need to stop him from proceeding with whatever ideas are moving through that pea brain of his. 

And yes, I will insult the man.  He is not representing the whole of Canada as he should. He has an agenda that remains unavailable to the press and to the public.  This is frightening to me as this has not occurred in Canadian politics before. 

In two years what will Canada look like?  Will it have been divided even further, her resources having been sold off to the highest bidder? 

Let’s step up together across this land demand the changes that need to be made. 

I thought it interesting that people going to work in Ft. McMurray in Alberta, cannot afford to live there as the rents have skyrocketed.  Alberta’s inflation rate is being felt across the province and soon it will begin to be felt across the country. 

Time to slow this process down and review.  Time to say no to pipelines.  Time to change.  Time to stand together.  Time to take control of today so that we have a future. 

Let’s  do it.     


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