Moving Forward

A few thoughts as we enter into this new era of ours.  Yes, we can mark this as the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of forever.  I got to thinking about the behaviours that I would like to modify about myself and how I want to walk out into the world now.  I have been operating at about 75% in terms of the person I am seeking to become and I think it’s time I stepped it up and began committing 100% of self to any given task.  In other words, I do see room for improvement on my end and feel I need to be more accountable to everything in and around me.

I can and will be more forgiving, more loving, more gentle in spirit and I will strive to have a open heart always.

If I can do these things then I will be the person I envision that I can be.  I won’t make emotionally motivated judgments based on perceived wrongs or slights that I at times feel are directed at me.  I can only move forward, and so I will.

I wonder sometimes why we let the past dictate so strongly how we react to this day?  I am not saying there are not lessons to be taken from past events, but at times I don’t believe we learn from them.  To me we get caught up in the emotional turmoil of the event and just stay in it.  Every time the event is brought up again, it’s like an old wound being reopened and we once again feel the misery of it.  We need to step back and look at the big picture of how we came to be in a certain mindset to begin with and develop an awareness and consciousness of how to deal with and move past these events taking the lessons with us and passing them forward.

In any case, I am putting the challenge out myself first and foremost.  If I cannot make these changes personally then how can I ask this of the world that surrounds me?

It is a beautiful day here in Vancouver.  I love this city of mine.  She truly is the keeper of my heart.  Some might say it is just a place, but for me it is home.  And the difference between a house and a home is simple really.  A home embodies your spirit.  It cradles and nurtures it and inspires it to grow.

For the year ahead I have certain goals that I want to achieve.  One of them is the continuation of letting go of ego and giving back to this world because this world has given so much to me.

Enjoy your holidays everyone.  Thanks again for checking into my ramblings from time to time.  And welcome to the rest of our lives.


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