Snow Day! The Harrowing Tale of Commuting in the S***w!

Upon waking this morning I found a carpet of white outside on my deck.  The first snowfall had made it way to lower ground.  A change of plans will now occur.  I don’t drive in snow if I don’t have to.  I am actually quite good at driving in the snow, but nothing will give you grey hairs faster than having the guy in front of you spin out.  So the gym was out this morning.  Besides, I am running tonight.  My running clinic is having its final run of the year, then we break for two weeks.  Also we are having a party consisting of pizza, beer and prizes and of course good company.  So I will be there, for sure.

I got myself ready, packed up my gym bag, got my purse and headed out on the adventure of commuting in the snow.   Mmmmm!  It was so beautiful!  I wanted to throw myself down and make snow angels…. I had, however,  just done my hair so not advisable.  I opted to get off at Burrard Street Station and walk the remaining seven blocks.  Along the way I would get my morning coffee and a nibble as well.

I put the strap to my gym bag over my head to better secure it and to balance out the weight of my purse.  I love the first snowfall.  It is so magical and almost seems to be a bit of novelty.  I was smiling and quite happy.  About four blocks in my earring caught on my Ladybug pendant on the lapel of my coat.  I made this odd sound as my ear lobe stretched to about two inches longer than usual.  So with head tipped over to one side while I struggled to free my ear from the clutches of the pendant, I began to notice women who were dressed  quite chic looking in their winter attire.  Their scarves were just so and the collars of their coats were turned up fashionably.  Some wore head gear and their boots! Oh, the boots were just beautiful!

I was now walking down Robson Street much like Quasimodo might.  My head was leaning onto my left shoulder and I now had issues with the strap of my gym bag which was on that side as well.

The strap had cut across my boobs, so I now the left boob facing in a southeast direction while the right was positioned northwest.  The gym bag was bouncing around on my right buttock and my purse was smacking my right hip.  All around me women were making it look so easy!  Sigh!

Now my coat had managed to bunch up around my midsection as well.  I rose to the challenge, people!  I made it through.  Yessiree!

By the time I got into work, I looked like I had been on a trek through the Himalayas for two weeks straight trying to find a Starbucks!  And I did find one!  Triumphantly I blasted into the office while my frozen appendages turned various shades of red.  A crazed smile adorned my face likely matching the eyes that now have that demented glow to them.


Tears of gratitude now stung the back of my eyes as I dropped to my knees and kissed the fake wooden floor.  Yet another harrowing tale of challenging the elements, all in the name of being a productive member of society so that I can pay my taxes, has been chronicled!

The joys of being an eccentric blonde.

Have a great day everyone!



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