Yet Another Shooting…why?

This day started so beautifully.  I got up and went for my run.  It’s getting good and cold out now, but what a way to wake up in the morning!  The air nibbled delightfully at my cheeks and once I got my sweat on, well, just a fabulous run.  I got ready for work and on the drive in the day that was unfolding before me was yet another artistic masterpiece.  Angry gray clouds were parting and snow-capped peaks rose above them that gave this sense that we were in a dimension beyond the third.  The Sun was hitting the snow somewhere above the clouds that just made them come alive in  a whole new way.  I thought once again how blessed I am to live in this place.

The workday was well underway when the first reports filtered in that a shooting had occurred at an Elementary School in Connecticut down in the States.  That was followed by the numbers.  Twelve, fourteen, eighteen.  At last count twenty children, six adults and the gunman….all dead.


And I feel angry at yet another senseless shooting, as I am sure we all do.  I am tired of the excuses for the so-called ‘right to bear arms’.  Guns have one purpose and one purpose only and that is to kill.  Do I believe that everyone should have the right to have a gun in their home?  No.  I have listened to these guys that belong to the NRA spout off about it for years.  Of course I am familiar with Charlton Heston raising the gun above his head proudly proclaiming that you would have to rip the gun from ‘….his cold, dead hands.’

That it’s in the USA’s constitution and that is what everyone stands on.   This is what I will say as eloquently as possible to this matter.  ‘Fuck your constitution!’

Twenty children died today.  The number is mounting yet still the availability of guns is frightening down there.  I live in Canada and every time I travel to the States, it makes me very nervous to walk into a sporting store or a Walmart and find a huge selection of guns.  Perhaps when the Wild West was being tamed, a gun may have been necessary.  Everything can be modified to better serve society as it exists today and should be.

Oh, no doubt the media will jump on this and tear apart what this guy was all about.  Why did he dislike his mother?  (She was apparently one of the people shot and killed.)  And if he had mental health issues, how the hell did he get his hands on a gun?  Two days prior a shooting in a Portland, Oregon mall.

Come on now.  Give your head a shake!  Get rid of the guns, please!  Whether the USA wants to believe this or not, what happened today is felt worldwide.  The sorrow so many of us feel at this moment is devastating.  I cannot comprehend that just prior to Christmas, my child would be shot dead in an institute of learning.  It will affect not just those who lost their children, but their families, their friends, and all of the kids that were in attendance at that school today?  How will they feel the next time they walk into a classroom?  Will they now be prone to panic attacks and now be stunted by fear?  God I hope not.

Please, get rid of the guns.  They have no purpose in your homes.  They are not protecting you from anything.  In fact, you are in more danger owning a gun.  So please, do the right thing and get rid of them and demand that the portion of the constitution that speaks to this be repealed.

If I have offended anyone who own a gun in the USA and who supports their right to own one, I say this to you.  Go to the families who lost a child today and tell them why you have the right to own a gun.

To the families I wish you my heartfelt condolences and pray that you will find peace.


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