The Tin Man Cometh

I am still somewhat achy these days.  I have been easing back into my workouts since getting into an altercation with the elevator door here at work, and I am feeling much better but still, anyone got an oilcan that they could lend me?  We did our end of clinic 5k run last night which is more like 6.5 k after the warm up and warm down is factored in.  It took a bit of time to warm up simply because it is getting a wee bit chilly out now.  And it was raining, but very gently.  Not the torrential downpours that we have been experiencing.  On run days, all the members of my run group sit in their various offices and work stations, and if it’s raining in biblical proportions, we pray and pray and pray that the rain will let up just a little.  And in the three years I have run with this clinic, I have only experienced heavy rain on about four occasions when I have run with them.

Always remember to say ‘Please.’

So when I started the run last night everything was tight.  At Yoga the night before we had really focused on the hips so I was hopeful that this part of the anatomy would be a little looser. Nah!  And I had done a light workout in the morning hoping that would help.  By the end of the run I had loosened up a bit, so all I can do keep at it.  I am almost finished the blood thinner medication, then I am off of it.  Yay!  I have found recovering just from a bruise in the last year seemed to take an inordinate amount of time.

I am really going to start researching natural remedies.  I don’t like the whole thing with pharmaceutical companies and their products.  Yes sometimes we need to take medication, but let’s face it.  We are so over medicated in our society now that it’s frightening.  And it is dangerous shit!

The thing that bothers me most is that we are led to believe we will drop dead on the spot if we don’t take the medication.  So there is this fear that has been instilled.  That bothers me.  A friend of mine was on so many medications at one point, she could not even keep a glass of water down.  She would be put on one medication and begin to have symptoms then put on another. One afternoon several years ago I was sitting with her, and she was scared and crying.

I asked her to show me her medications.  Fourteen!  Fourteen different meds.  And some of them were pretty heavy-duty, let me tell you.  She was a toxic wasteland because of all this crap.  In some cases the medications were at war with one another.  Just insane I tell you.  She is now down to just a few, and she asks a lot more questions.

Oh I have no doubt that I could get painkiller medication for the discomfort I currently feel.  There have been times in the past couple of weeks when it has crossed my mind, but you know when those thoughts occurred, I would sit and close my eyes for a moment and just breathe.  And breathe really deeply.  I would focus on the area experiencing the pain and breathe into it.  I would relax the body.  And yes, it helps.  It helps a lot.  The other thing is to stretch, to move, to walk.

When I am at work, I often get up and just have a little jaunt around the office.  Sitting at a desk all day is not all that great for the appendages.  I know in a few more weeks I will be feeling just fine.

I am signing up to do the Vancouver BMO 1/2 Marathon next May.  The training will begin in January.  I spoke with my run leader last night and she is going to help me with exercise and diet issues.  I am going to be really diligent with this training.  From this I want to reach optimum health.  I will be doing two races prior to this.  I will do Harry’s 8K again and the Sun Run (10K) again as well.

I must be disciplined with the training.  And as much as I wish that Pizza and Beer were superfoods, I am going to have to bid them adieu for a while.

So be well all of you.  Enjoy your day.



One thought on “The Tin Man Cometh

  1. So true about exercise and diet being much better for you than medications. I’ve been on a holistic diet for the last three years and hardly ever needed to see a “real” doctor.
    That’s exciting news about your doing the 1/2 marathon and other races! Best of luck with your training!


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