Here Are a Few of My Favorite Words!

Are you like me in that with some words, upon hearing them for the first time, you just must know their meaning because they sound so cool!  The thing is they sometimes have a rather esoteric meaning (and by the way esoteric is in the pile).  Yes, tee hee, I have a pile of words at home that I roll about in and get just so excited!

Okay, best I correct that.  I can see that you are backing away from the screen very carefully now.  Don’t go.  Really.  Okay, okay.  I don’t really roll around in words, but think about it.  It could be fun, no?

If you have guessed that I am feeling a bit off the wall today, then you would be correct in your assumption.  I don’t know why certain words jump out and excite me the way they do.  I hope this is experienced by other people as well.  This is a sharing moment today.

Some of my favorites are as follows.

Juxtaposition with means the state of being close together or placing things side by side for contrast or comparison.  You don’t end up saying ‘I am going to juxtapose these chairs.‘  That would just sound silly, no?  But you could say ‘The juxtaposition of the two chairs really brings out the detail in the wainscoting.‘  Better.  It is just one of those words that has a certain flare to it.

Discombobulated means to confuse, disconcert, upset or frustrate.  For me it just such a cool word to describe that you’re falling apart, slightly.  It has a dramatic edge to it.  It seems to have more depth to me as well.   Rather than just saying ‘I’m confused’  I find stating that ‘I am totally discombobulated right now’ to be far more effective in relaying certain situations.  Note:  some words should be used sparingly and with caution so as not to wear the poor dears out. 🙂

Orgasmic and of course I shouldn’t have to tell you what this means but for me it is a state of sheer bliss and euphoria.  (Love these words too!) While we have orgasms related to sexual release, we are capable of having orgasmic experiences by watching a sunrise, eating something that is sinfully good, getting caught in the rain, etc.  It is simply a moment of extreme pleasure that engulfs the entire physical form, the mind and the spirit all at the same time.  Everybody just say ‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’

Rapture is ecstatic joy and delight.  But to be filled with rapture, that just has so much more depth to me.  And it applies to so many different things.  Such a good space to be in.

Conundrum by definition is anything that puzzles.  A riddle to be solved, a problem to be worked through.  It is a dilemma of sorts.  It has kind of a Sherlock Holmes quality to it.  It lends itself to having more sides to it, being more that two dimensional. That is the best way I can explain my view of the word.

And I guess that is what I am doing.  Expressing what I see in a word.  And I think I could likely remain here all day and well into the night with all the words that are filtering through the grey matter at this moment waving their hands in the air shouting ‘Pick me! Pick me!’

I guess it’s not really fair to pick favorites.  And I do love all words so I will finish with a word that well…I have already used it several times.  That word is Love. 

Of all the words that exist in this world it is the one that transcends the universe.  We all seek this, we all need this, we all can give this.  And when we are in it, when we let it envelope us, my God, there is no better place.  And I am not speaking of different kinds of love.  I am speaking of love in a very general term.  It is a place I have come to know, a state of being I strive for and hope to never stray from.  To be in that bliss, as I am now, well its just such a beautiful thing.

So I will close this with a few more faves such as sensuous, ethereal, realm, magic, sensation, eclectic, ruminate, caress, expunge, whisper….

Have a great day everyone and enjoy your words.


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