Destructive Behaviour?

All over the radio waves this morning it would seem the topic of conversation is the prank call that two DJ’s from Australia made to a hospital in London where Kate Middleton was being treated for extreme morning sickness.  Like many of you, I heard the call that they made. It was really just silly to me.  I saw no malice intended, just juvenile behaviour that we humans are prone to partake in from time to time.  Nothing more.

I personally don’t get the whole fascination with the Royal family to begin with.  In fact, I really don’t get the whole celebrity thing and our strange obsession with people who have somehow lucked out and managed to establish a fabulous acting or singing career.  Even more befuddling to me are the people who have become famous simply because they happened to be tied to a family that is well known.  (ie Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, etc.)

These people have no discernible talent, yet they have become celebrated for whatever reason.  How many remember Paris’ time in jail? The poor darling was given hard core time for drinking and driving. I think she did about two weeks in the slammer.  Of course reporters were parked outside the jail, their trucks with antenna’s littering the skies were everywhere.  Every tweet and email she sent to the outside world was intercepted and analyzed to try and gauge her mood.  Was she holding up okay in there?  Then of course the grand finale was when she was released and danced out of jail looking like she just walked off of a runway into her mother’s waiting arms.  You’d forgotten? Good, glad that debacle has faded from memory.

Why did that matter to anyone?

Now we have a pregnant Kate.  Once again this weird and ugly obsession that the media seems to have with the Royals is beginning yet again.  And you have to know that the first person who can get a photo of the babe once its born…well, that could change their life, yes?  I have to ask, do they really like what they do?  And I would also ask how they sleep at night?

Its fair game, they say.  These people are out in public spaces…its open season.  I just don’t get it.

So now a woman, obviously distraught over putting the call through, has ended her life.  The two DJ’s in question have gone underground as they are receiving death threats.  It shouldn’t have been a big deal.  Perhaps the hospital needs to have a policy in place down the road that no confidential information will be discussed to outside callers.  Say simply that the patient is resting comfortably and any additional information will be relayed to the family when they arrive to visit.  See?  No biggy.  We had an ‘oops’, nothing more.

You likely had a young woman who was rather enamored of the fact that she thought she was talking to the Queen of England.  In any case, this is an example of a mountain being made out of a molehill.  A life has been lost and others have been permanently stained by something that really was just silliness.

The media should hold a mirror up.  Do you like what you see?  You get up on a soapbox holding the players in this incident up and you just go for the jugular.  There is that sense of righteous indignation, ‘How dare they impose upon William and Kate in that manner!  There must be repercussions.  They cannot get away with this.  And the hospital really needs to look at their security protocol. What were they thinking?  How could they possibly have hired someone that naive?’

And so the comments went on.  Each report making it sound like the worst security breach in history had been committed.  And think too, that the parents to be (Will & Kate) now have the stain of this as well.  And of course now the machine is rolling.  The story having already been blown way out of proportion and like all stories of this type it will eventually flatline and fade from our memories.

And in this case, because of the destruction that resulted for some the effects will be long term.  When the names have been forgotten should they be mentioned in passing, for some the pain of it will still exist.  And sadly, it never should have come to this.

I love writing and a I also love taking pictures.   My interest in photography is definitely more rooted in the artistic element.  The play of light and shadow.  And for those of you who have read my blog, then you know I have a deep love of words and a deep respect.

I am often curious at what is considered news worthy these days.  It would seem this phenomenon of sensationalism just keeps rearing its head.  It truly was a harmless prank.  Perhaps in poor taste, but there was no harm intended.  Then media got hold and turned it into three headed beast within a nanosecond.  And the result?

This isn’t about blame.  It is about being accountable and responsible.   Nothing more.




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