I Feel Lucky and so I am!

Yesterday I won a rather silly radio contest.  I apparently won a Klipsch iGroove Docking Station.  Cool!  I don’t have an iPod.  Probably one of the few people in the world who doesn’t and I don’t know if my new Smart Phone will work on this.  I am going through the technological learning curve at the moment.  I upgraded to a smart phone and don’t have a data plan yet and just acquired my first laptop.

So I have been gazing at these shiny new objects with a rather confused expression on my face.  But are they ever pretty!

The contest I won was titled ‘Safety Tips for Doomsday on December 21, 2012’.

The idea is that if you had a great tip for surviving the end of the world, your tip would be offered on the radio AND you would win a prize.  Of course, these tips are of the foolish and juvenile variety.  Hey, the end of the world is coming.  Let’s not take it too seriously, ‘kay?

My winning entry was this.

‘We meet at the Vancouver Art Gallery (which is in the heart of downtown Vancouver and is a common gathering place for protests and those want to smoke pot).  We meet at 10:00 AM.  There will be a giant tank of helium for us to suck on so that our voices will sound like chipmunks as we gaily sing Bob Marley’s ‘Everything is going to be okay…’

Next we pull out the slip & slides…those long and lovely pieces of yellow plastic.  Typically in Vancouver we are blessed with an abundance of rain, so it should be a muddy mess which in my mind is just perfect!  Now we will strip to our underwear and slide delightfully along the slip and slides.  At 10:59:50 we will do the ten second count down and then at precisely 11:00 AM we will partake in a massive orgy.  Yes, you heard me.  A massive orgy!

Now we could shoot for a world record.  Of course if the end of the world occurs it won’t really hold water now would it?  I told Mike Eckford that Rock 101 should make up T-shirsts that they give out after the fact.  Now that the end of world has not occurred and we have all done some crazy ass shit that we typically would not have involved ourselves in, we must have an excuse for such behaviour, yes?  And why not blame a cultural that is no longer in existence yet created this insane panic?

The T-shirts would read, Rock 101, ‘I Survived the End of the World, but the Mayans made me do it!’

Something like that.  We might as well have some fun.

On the 22nd of December the world will still be turning, we will still be here.  We need to make some very serious decisions about how we live in this world though.  And as I have stated in past posts, we need to change how we do business.  I have some ideas that are beginning to gel, but I want to let them mature a bit before I begin to put them out there.  And as always, this will be a global collaborative effort as it will effect each and everyone of us.

I will keep my rather odd sense of humour though.  Gonna need that.  Prepare for a new era.  Personally I believe it is going to be a painful delivery but birth to a beautiful age of enlightenment.  And I feel blessed that I am alive during this time to witness the end of an era and the start of a new one.  Not too many people can say that they have witnessed such an event.  I am excited at what is to come even though I don’t what is to come…it’s going to be good.

Enjoy your day everyone!


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