Secrets & Lies

This has been a week that I found myself recovering from my injury.  Such a silly thing too, and yet the impact of it due to the location has pretty much sidelined me.  Next week I will ease back into my work out routine and hopefully, now that I have given the bruised hip opportunity to heal, I can resume my normal schedule in short order.  Having all this additional time has caused me to be a wee bit fretful at times.  I don’t like feeling fragile, it makes me feel weak.   In any case the thought process has been a bit more brooding in nature this week.

This morning as I drove in through the rain I started to think about all the programs and books that are out there that claim they will change your life.  For example, the book ‘The Secret’, claims that if you implement what they disclose, you will have everything you have ever wanted.  I did read the book, and in truth it didn’t do a damn thing for me.  It simply showed me that the majority of us are looking for something.  I listened to a CD earlier in the week that told me a very important ingredient was left out of the book ‘The Secret’, and that’s why it doesn’t work.

The CD stated, if I was interested, I could discover the missing components, and it wouldn’t cost me a dime.  So I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll bite.’  If this is not going to cost anything, why not?  So I will review this information with a good degree of skepticism.  For the record, I am not looking for unimaginable riches.  I don’t want wealth that is disgusting in its extreme.  I don’t want, nor do I need a house on every continent. And I will never go out and buy a car that is worth more than the value of condo in Vancouver.

What I am looking for is to find my full potential, my purpose and use it.  I want to know what it is to truly love and be loved of the variety that occurs between couples.  I want to try to make this world a better place, a sustainable and balanced place.

So when I hear about secret societies that are only available to the elite few, this tends to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  There is something so wrong about this notion.   There is a deceit to it.  That only a select few should be given ‘powerful’ information that can influence and direct so many of us.   I am all about transparency.  We have been far to closed and secretive for such a long time.  And what does that do to us?

We become suspicious and resentful.

A few years ago a woman I worked with took this program called ‘Pursuit of Perfection & Happiness’.  It was a four-day workshop that cost in the area of $520.00 which to me is excessive.  She went and she did change.  I found her less approachable as she had been instructed to surround herself with successful and powerful people and at that time, I was still really struggling to make ends meet.  She pressured her husband whom had not attended and in the end the marriage dissolved and they divorced.

I don’t know if she found true happiness and perfection as she was swallowed up by this machine that the program created.  And you know, I remember sitting with her as she tried to convince me to take the program and I didn’t have the funds to do so.  I asked her could she not share it with me?  Her mouth twisted down and she basically said everyone should be able to invest $520.00 in their future and why should she disclose this information to me if I wasn’t willing to make that investment?

I learned a lesson that day long ago.  Put up or shut up was basically what was relayed to me.  Does it make someone more likely to implement the secrets to happiness and perfection if they pay cold hard cash to find the answers?

It is a multi-billion dollar business.  You’ve got these guys that offer weekend workshops, and last time I checked they now hover in the $1,000.00 mark, and they guarantee that what they have to offer will change your life or you will get your money back.  I wonder what the statistics are in terms of people having their life changed dramatically over the course of a weekend.  And if they are not happy with results, do they get their money back without question?

I am looking within for the things I mentioned earlier.  That is where, for me, the answer’s lie.  I guess I look to some of this information with the hopes that it will be another piece to the puzzle.  Perhaps I have had the answer all this time and have subconsciously chosen not to use it.  Maybe too, when people go to these seminars and workshops, having paid their pound of flesh, they are so open and malleable to change that they view it has a miracle of sorts should it occur.  But lets face it, there are some extraordinary speakers out there.  They sit and speak with such quiet grace and eloquence.  And we want that, don’t we?  We want that quiet presence to just be.  I know I do.  I will no longer want for anything, for I will have all that I desire.

So I am going to listen to these fourteen CD’s that are being sent to me, at no cost.  And if I should find the answer to the quest we all seek, tell you what.  I’ll write about here and pass it along at no cost.  It’s your choice to use the information or not.

Perhaps we believe that by purchasing something there is more credibility and expertise associated with it.  But you know, I continually grow and learn from the most unlikely of sources.  An example would be a few weeks ago while doing a Photowalk in Chinatown here in Vancouver, I was approached by an old man named Black Charlie.  I didn’t have any spare change to give him but I took the time to talk with him for a few moments.

It was my acknowledgement of him, of showing him respect and affording him the dignity he deserves that he really appreciated.  And in parting he thanked me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  A very simple thing really.  Always I hurt for people who I see on the street that are in a bad way.  For whatever reason they find themselves there, they are still people.

The lesson is about judgements.  How quickly we make them based solely on what we see before us.  And I know that people have looked at me as though I had something they might catch or they looked through me as if I wasn’t there.  For about six months at the age of sixteen I was homeless.  It’s not a nice feeling to have that you somehow don’t matter, that you are less than.  So yes, if all I can offer a few kind words, then I will offer them freely.

Tune in next time, as I might well have uncovered all the secrets of the universe and the lies too.

Enjoy your day everyone and be kind to one another.


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