What’s Love?

Ah, the elusive emotion we all seek.  The drive in this morning had me pondering this most prized offering.  There are a few lines in a Daniel Levoie song titled ‘Here in the Heart’.  The line is:

‘I don’t know where love begins
Or how it grows or why it ends…’

I have witnessed such a beautiful love between people who I know.  And yet, despite possessing this, they could not see past their differences.  I have encouraged people to make every effort and exhaust all avenues before walking away from what they have.  And I wonder if in the dark of night, now that they’ve left it behind…do they wish they’d tried harder?

I have not known the love of man in my life.  Not really.  I have had a lot of sex, but that’s not love.  I suppose then that when I see the love between two people, I am always hopeful that I will find this for myself.  It has not happened yet but I have not given up.  For many years I had shut myself down and denied that I was even worthy of such a thing to begin with.

I now know that I am more than worthy to give and receive this gift.  I do have the love of family and friends.  This has sustained and nourished me for many years and helped me in healing the wounds of the past.  I guess the thing that is strange to me now is that I have so much to offer and so much to give, and I don’t know how to make that known.  I am now a woman in my fifties and it seems to me this thing we call dating has become increasingly complicated.

I suppose all I can do is just put this energy out on a daily basis with the hope that at some point a connection will be made.

For those of you fortunate enough to have found love, please nurture it.  I suppose at times we take things for granted and believe they will always be there, then when it is lost to us…only then do know what we had.  One thing I do know is that love needs to fed equally to each of the participants.  I know that this happens through communication and through transparency.  No secrets and no conditions.  Let it happen and give it the freedom to grow.

So to my still unknown lover I say, “I am here and I love you.”




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