Puddles & Plays

Laying in my bed this morning I could hear the rain falling outside.  I smiled.  There was, of course, the mental battle of whether to go for a run and get obviously wet, or stay in the warm depths of the bed.  It really wasn’t too difficult a decision.

I opted to get good and wet.  I splashed delightfully through the dark of morning in the rain.  I really don’t mind it.  Sometimes it takes a little longer to get warmed up, but hey, that’s what happens when you live in a rainforest.  It was refreshing and there is something about the smell of wet Earth and Evergreens that I find very exhilarating.

Last night I met with an improv group for the first time.  I have never done any kind of comedy in terms of performance, and telling jokes and delivering a punchline in a rehearsed setting…well, half the time I forget the damn thing and my timing is all off, so I get heckled by my friends and curl up in a ball and suck my thumb.  Comedic talent? No, though  I can be very funny at times.

In all seriousness, I thought it might be fun to meet with some performers and bring forward some ideas for sketch comedy routines.  I wouldn’t mind exploring the written aspect to all of this as writing and developing skills in this area is what I am truly exploring.

We did several exercises and games.  I found I quite liked the idea of behaving foolishly as I explored different characters through this medium.  But don’t go thinking you’ll find me seeking out a stage to try out this new delight.  I am one of those people who should you put me in front of an audience,  I likely resemble a deer-caught-in-headlights.  I become something of shrinking violet…just get me out of there!  Then things get really awkward and that’s when the really weird stuff can erupt from my mouth.  And we really don’t want to go there.

No thespian desires have been ignited.  What I hope to get out of working with this group is developing some insight and angles on writing sketches and working with performers.  Just that simple.  And if I can explore the other sides of self that often doesn’t get out to play as much, then all the better.

I also like the idea of seeing how people interpret what has been written.  How do they absorb it and make it their own?  When we read a book for example, the words will likely paint a very different picture in my mind than what you see when you read it.  When it is suggested what someone looks like in a fictional novel, then I create an image in my head.

I think that is one of the reasons why movies that have been adapted from book form are often so lacking.  If I have read the book, then I have a visual in my mind’s eye.  When I go to see the movie, I am watching the director’s interpretation of the book.  An example would be ‘The Mists of Avalon’.  The idea of the book is that it’s the Arthurian Legends told from the women’s point of view.

I read the book several years ago and had this image rich world come to life as the story unfolded.  I loved the book.  A few years ago it became a TV movie.  I debated whether I should watch it or not, then thought why not?  Not surprising it did not even come close to what was in my sweet little imagination.  The characters that evolved for me were mysterious, magical, beautifully feminine, enticing, exciting and tragic.

So I will continue to meet with this group for a while and see what comes.

You know its funny but when I run through the park  on Friday mornings, particularly at this time of year, I liken the shape of the trees to different forms.  Animals evolving into magical creatures.  I see the forms of people in them, I see torment, I see joy, I see passion and vulnerability.

The feeling of the water that splashes on me from my running shoes, the sensation of the rain hitting my face and the sound of the breath moving through my body.  Good stuff.  All of it.  And I will continue to explore the creative spirit that looks for expression constantly.

Enjoy your day everyone.




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