Whose Truth Is It Anyway?

We have all been hearing the dire consequences of global warming for some time now.  Our use of fossil fuels and what its doing to our atmosphere have been debated for a number of years now.  Interestingly enough, the technology that we are told is catapulting us toward certain extinction has only been around for approximately 100 years.

We have certainly managed to make a mess of things in a very short period of time, yes?

Now for quite some time I was a firm believer that our cars, our energy use and mass appetite for the resources we have been provided with on this planet was to be our demise as a species.  Now I’m not so sure.  We most definitely need to become far more respectful of our resources and how we use them, and we have the knowledge and capability of producing ‘clean’ alternatives such as wind energy, electric vehicles, etc.

So why don’t we?

It would seem to transition into these forms of energy and to set up an infrastructure to accommodate our needs will prove to be quite costly.  To add to this, those who are currently in control of the oil industry really don’t want to give up their cash cow.  I will come back to this shortly.

After reading a few of Gregg Braden’s books and watching a few of his seminars, I began to get curious about some of the information he spoke of.  As you may well be aware of, several years ago they drilled ice cores out of Antarctica.  The information locked into the ice dates back some 700,000 years in certain cases.  Scientists are now studying these ice cores to determine what CO2 levels were in the atmosphere and how it correlated to what was going on globally.  We’ve had about 4 ice ages that have occurred and we have had several cases where the temperature rose considerably and flooding and all that good stuff took place.

So what was going on?  Could this be a certain cycle that our planet just naturally transitions through?  I don’t know if it is possible to determine where the blue planet was situated in conjunction with the Sun, it’s axis and all that good stuff.  Can we determine the temperature of the Earth’s core?  Is that even a consideration? Since reading those books, I have now ventured off and begun to read other scientific materials and other perspectives.

From what I can determine  we are better off going into a cycle of global warming (which apparently may just be a natural cycle), than slipping into the cooling of the planet (which also may be a natural cycle).  Perhaps we should be examining these cycles a bit more closely.  Determine their frequency, the length of each period, etc.

Our land mass changes constantly.  With the movement of the tides and the natural shifting of this restless planet, the ebb and flow of our Sun source and the universal energy that surrounds us as well, is it any wonder that things change on this planet.

Take for instance the earthquake that hit Japan just over a year ago.  The country moved approximately eight feet (or  thereabouts) closer to the Americas.  It in fact caused the Earth to shift on her axis slightly.  With all these internal combustion issues happening, it stands to reason that climate might well be impacted as a result.  If the earth shifted on her axis toward the Sun even marginally, what would that do to the ground temperature and how would the pull of the Sun affect the Earth’s core?  Would it make her more volatile and unsettled?

I am no scientist. I know very little about this kind of thing, yet I have an interest and so I explore and question.

I do believe very strongly that we have to do things differently on this planet in terms of how we manage our energy use, how we manage our waterways, how we manage our forests.  If we die out as a species it will be because of our inability to work with this home of ours.  Earth will carry on without us.  I have no doubt about that.  As I said earlier, we need to get out this hierarchical practice where a select few make an obscene amount of money off of these resources.  The only solution I can think of is to begin to demand alternative forms of energy and perhaps if we worked as a collective, without the idea of profit being in the mix particularly for the essentials that we all rely on, who knows what may come?

I will continue to study and absorb the information that is offered up regarding this topic.  I would encourage everyone to do this.  I don’t want to see us fearful, but rather I would like to see us become proactive and take the initiative.  This is our home and it’s time we set it to rights.




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