Why Is It So Hard To Be Good?

I am feeling a wee bit capricious today.  I’d like to do something that would be so completely unexpected and yet that was totally me.  I don’t know if this makes any sense at all, but I got to thinking about being ‘good’.  This is yet another word that can be applied to so many things.  In fact, it can be applied to most anything.  I could be so bad that I’m good.  I am not bad, however, though I certainly have my moments when I do feel a bit naughty, a bit playful, and a bit…..hmmmm.

In the natural order of things I would say this is likely typical human behaviour.  I don’t consider it a sin to see a beautiful man and fantasize about all the things I’d like to do to him and in turn the things I’d like him to do me.  I also have fantasies about throwing the photocopier off the balcony here at work and watching delightfully has it smashes into a million little pieces  on the sidewalk below and I can say oh so innocently, ‘Ooops!  It must have slipped.’

I will be watching it rain outside my office window while numbers dance through my head and get the sudden urge to run out into the downpour ripping the clothing from my flesh and laughing maniacally as I just get soaked.  See what number crunching can do to a mild-mannered woman of mature years?  Scary stuff, I tell you.

I guess my point to all this is that I don’t fantasize about being good.   Oh, I’ve certainly had my fantasies of world domination and it would be a very cool world if I took over,  let me assure you. But these fantasies have me being a wee bit naughty at times too, and everybody loves me despite this.  Tee hee!

I suppose there are people who dream of being the most pious of all beings.  And I wondered why I don’t think about being virtuous and pure and just so good.

Well, to be honest, for my erstwhile imaginings it is just a tad boring to me.  I was corrupted by sinful delights a long time ago, and well, I don’t necessarily think its sinful.  Even should I partake in such an event, would that make me a bad person?

If I saw my beautiful man and he saw me, and we decided to take what was in both of our heads and have some fun with it…he’s single, as am I and we are both consenting adults, why not?  Would it match up to the delicious foreplay going on in my mind?  Or would it fall short or be even better?

The thing, too, in all of this is that being good should really just be a natural state.  I mean, the only reason my little tete a tete would be considered ‘bad’ is that society dictates that this behaviour is unacceptable for a proper lady.

Let me assure you I am a proper lady of sorts.  But I am the human animal in all its splendor.  I wish I could grow my nails long then run them along some muscled flesh.  There is something delightfully sensual about long nails, and sadly I have never been able to grow them to any length, but I can pretend.

I am watching the Sun burn off the fog on this beautiful Thursday morning in Vancouver.   Across from my office are several condo towers.  There is a young man on the 9th floor who from time to time likes to stand displaying his form unabashedly in his floor to ceiling window.  He has waved at me a few times and I have waved back.  I find it wonderfully funny that he does this.  Some might take offense to it I suppose.  I think he does it simply to get a reaction from the women working in the offices’ across the street from him.

Perhaps that’s his little risqué behaviour that he displays.  The desire to be a bit of an exhibitionist.  He’s never done anything other than just stand in his window.  I am not sure if you could call the police and complain about this or not.  At one point in time it would likely have been considered very deviant and there likely would have been laws about such things.

So has nudity and sexuality become too prevalent in our society?  It is everywhere you look these days.  Go online and it is frightening what you can find.

Watching a young man stand in window is quite tame in comparison.  Does it bother me that he does this?  No.  Perhaps that’s how he acts out when he wants to be a bit bad.  Perhaps he just sees this as being normal.  In any case, there are things online that would curl your toes…and this is not stuff I would want to view.

The reason being is that it is harmful.  It is dark in nature.  It is frightening in content as it so menacing.  There is no pleasure had.  It is completely exploitative.

Yes, I do have morals.  Strong ones.  But I am very liberal in my views and I do look for the common good in all of us.  So perhaps I do think about being good from time to time, particularly while in my fantasy as I am being massaged by lean muscled men that slowly work out all the tension I am feeling.  After all, dominating a world is not as easy as it sounds.
Enjoy your day my people!

How about a vote?  If you are in favour of having November 17th world massage day.  In this event everyone worldwide will give and receive a massage.


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