Forever Is A Long Time….Or Is It?

I have mentioned a time or two how my energy level has been a little low as of late.  It still isn’t where I would like it, however, I am still doing the damn thing.  I notice lately when I sit down on the sofa to unwind at the end of the day, the eyes get that feeling suddenly that they weigh a ton and I cannot possibly keep them open.  So I go to bed and yes, I have been sleeping like the proverbial rock.  Rocks don’t drool though, or at least I don’t think they do.  Ah, you have got to love getting older.

I crawled from my bed this morning to get my workout on.  I felt a wee bit foggy on the drive in.  I smiled and thought, ‘This won’t last forever.’  Then I got to thinking about the term ‘forever’.  We use it rather loosely at times, don’t we?

I remember when I was a little, I would tell my friend Cheryl that she was my best friend and that we would be best friends forever.  The following day we would have an argument, and typically they were over life-changing events such as a disagreement about a player’s R Bi’s in baseball or not wanting to trade a sports card.  Then, of course, there would be the trauma incurred with the impropriety of not following certain rules.  The eruption of emotions as the politics of play kicked into high gear.

We would become ‘enemies’ for a day or two.  Each time we deliberately passed the other with our noses held high, but the eyes were always seeking the others.  You see, if she looked at me and I at her, then we knew we still cared.  We would of course make up and become best friends forever once more.

As we got older indeed we drifted apart as happens.  Funny, when you are young your world is very small.  And everything that holds the highest importance to you is usually in very close circumference to your home.  I still see Cheryl from time to time.  There will always be a certain bond for having shared our childhood together.  I like that.  I like it a lot.

Of course, then when I fell in what I thought was love for the first time, I was convinced it would last forever.  In that case forever lasted about eight months.  But I can say this, there are certain things that I do know will last for as long as I draw breath.

There is a love of my daughter, of my friends, of my family that will never diminish.  There is a love of all that surrounds me, all that I wake up to each day, despite being a little foggy at times, that I cherish.  There is hope in me that we will all eventually surrender to human goodness and kindness.  Naive?  Nah.

I will forever believe in the human spirit as time and time again I see how great this gift is that we own.

On that note I will turn back to the work on my desk that will forever make its way to me.  Ah yes, the never-ending pile of paper calls.

Enjoy your day everyone and thanks for stopping by.


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