And the World Watched….

Yesterday the US Presidential Election took place as many of you know.  I don’t know about other countries, but I do know that Canada watches very closely to the outcome of these events as they do impact us.  They impact us in a big way.  I was delighted with the outcome.  What I find curious is why Americans feel Obama should have done more than what he has in the last four years.  When he took over the reigns of government from George Bush, the economy was in serious collapse, the country was in serious collapse..and that was due to a Bush’s inept handling in my opinion.  Government spending was completely out of control.  When Bush took over from Clinton, the economy was perhaps at its strongest and Clinton left the house in good order.

The Bush administration were basically fear mongers. Wars began and money was literally bled from the coffers to support these initiatives.  I recall watching a documentary that was looking at government spending in the USA.  Apparently $12,000,000.00 dollars in cash had been flown to Iraq.  $8,000,000.00 could not be accounted for.  And I couldn’t quite figure out why you would fly that amount of cash to a foreign country that was now engulfed in a war started under false pretenses to begin with.  But then, I am not someone who understands warfare to begin with.

We all remember the phrase ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ being bandied about.  I was really pleased that Canada did not join forces with the US in the Iraq initiative.

War really isn’t the answer to anything.  It is destructive, negative and only creates further divisions.  Hence the need to have better and more powerful weapons.  Personally it scares the shit out of me what sits in the arsenals of various countries’ war chests.  And to what purpose?

If all these countries think that by being wealthy and having the ability to annihilate half of the countries on this planet  is power, then they are sadly mistaken.  Power is when you take an impossible situation, mend it and make it work.  Power is when you can take people who are repressed and fearful and give them hope and a voice to be heard.

We have been talking about bullying as of late, and in many ways, what these governments are doing to their citizens is bullying on a much larger scale.  When you promote education and encourage free thought then you see the true power of humanity.

Unfortunately there are still too many small-minded dictators out there with a hunger to control, not govern.  And this is the catch really.  To govern effectively, you likely won’t be popular with everyone, ever…but you will have their respect because you are looking out for everyone’s best interests…not just a select few.

One of the best Prime Ministers in Canada in my mind was Lester B. Pearson.  He was an incredibly competent and effective leader.  And he did an amazing job with a minority government.  What he managed to do was encourage everyone to work together for the greater good of the people.

I really believe President Obama is much like this so I do hope that the senate and congress and the republicans will in fact begin to listen to the electorate and work with the President as well.

What frightened me most about Romney getting into office are his views of women.  That we still do not have the right to manager our own bodies in his mind scares me, and that there are still so many with this viewpoint.  There is a separation of church and state for a reason.  And an effective leader should not be in power to enforce their beliefs on the electorate, but rather to enforce good sound management of the nations resources and business dealings and do so in a manner that is respectful to all.

In any case, I congratulate President Obama on his victory.  Now I will focus on my country and see if we cannot find someone to step up to the plate who has a vision for all who live here.  I do know we can affect change if we try.  I do hope the day will come when we can all work together to make this world a much better place than it is today.  I believe it can be done, I believe it must done.

Take care everyone.


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