Come November….

Here it is the first day of November. This year has seriously evaporated like an early morning mist.  The funny thing is at times I feel like I have been sprinting through this year, yet I don’t feel like I have gotten very far.  It is early on this Thursday morning and I am at the office just before 8:00 AM.  I will have my breakfast, sip my coffee.  Organize my work day, review my emails and any messages then get to it.

These days I have an energy building again.  The past few weeks I have been trying to get ‘caught up’ on my sleep.  I know, I know…we can never catch up, but I am going to bed at a decent hour and these days sleep has been evasive.  Now last night saw me quite tired and I fully expected to fall into a deep slumber.  Alas, Halloween also comes with a tradition of fireworks and so for about three hours after slipping between the sheets, I was continually pulled from sleep by the sound of firecrackers being set off.

So I did not make it to the gym this morning.  Still, there is an energy.  I liken it to about a year ago when I first began to feel a strong sense of….I am having trouble articulating this, and I want to say liberation, yet that doesn’t seem to convey what I am trying to get at.  And for the record, I just completed one hell of a run-on sentence.  But grammar aside, I have this sense that a shift is coming.  I have been having quite a few of those in the past few years and now I feel like a big one is coming.

That is the other reason that sleep has been elusive.  There is an excitement and a bit of trepidation as well.  Everything tells me to keep going in the direction I am going.  There is this whisper wakes me in the middle of the night to tell me to stay focused and to prepare.  And I am now at the point where I am wondering what it is that I am closing in on.

I drew three Tarot cards the other day and they speak to this change and shift as well.  In a sense they were confirming what it is I am moving toward.  The cards I drew and the order was as follows.

The World – The Lovers – The Sun

I don’t know a great deal about these cards, but what I do know is they are much like a compass that shows you the direction you are heading in and where you are at any given moment.  Their purpose is not to tell your future but rather make you aware of what is going now so that the decisions you make can be sound.  Or at least that’s my interpretation of them.

In any case, the cards I drew are very interesting.  It is as though I am at the very beginning of a new era of my life having gone through and finally learned all the lessons from my past life.  I bring a wisdom now?  A clear vision?  I hope so.

Only the passage of time will release the mysteries that lay before me.  And with wide-eyed anticipation, I move forward and embrace all that is to be.  May I do so with humble appreciation and may I always have the passion that I do this day.

Have a fabulous day everyone.


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