Say Cheese? Say Havarti? Say Brie? Say Cheddar? Say smile!

It occurred to me this morning as I finished my workout that I truly do look like a bowl of Jello when I walk.  But then we all have our lumps and bumps, yes?  Just part of being human.  Because I have chosen to look like everyone’s favourite dessert….what?  Jello isn’t your favourite dessert?  Chocolate cake?  You want me to look like a piece of chocolate cake?  Hmmmm.  How about a bowl of chocolate pudding…then would you love me?
I am being silly this morning.  I admit it.  But I have been thinking about this happiness thing.  You know its kind of like when you leave your glasses on top of your head and then can’t find them.  You know they are around here somewhere.  Happiness is kind of like that.  You go in search of it, knowing that you had it just a moment ago and you just can’t quite figure out what you did with it.

When I left the gym this morning I thought perhaps I should just walk around smiling.  It feels good to smile.  It makes me feel good to smile, even if there is really nothing to smile about other than the fact that I just want to smile.  Also, when you smile you use more muscles in your face, hence you’re giving the extreme upper body a good aerobic workout by smiling.  So I will try this and get back to you as to its effectiveness.  But I think its going to be good.  When I walked down to get my coffee this morning I smiled the whole way and got several smiles back.

I know we can’t be in a euphoric state all the time, can we? Hmmm.  Another interesting thing to ponder.  I shall continue my quest to be healthier and happier.  And I shall share my findings with you.  You can’t wait, can you?

So if I smile all the day long, what will work look like at the end of the day?  What will the world look like at the end of the day?  Stay tuned.  Hey, this ground-breaking stuff here.  And remember folks, you heard it here first!

I had considered ranting about politics this morning.  Another US election is just around the corner.  Why should this matter to me when I live in Canada?  Everything that happens in this world ultimately effects all of us.  The issues that currently we all seem to be facing do not recognize borders.  So when someone gets into one of the most influential political arenas, that being the US Presidency, what they do and what they decide will have an impact on all of us…worldwide.

I tend to get a bit too worked up about politics, so I will leave that today and just smile.

The trees out in front of my office are all but bare now.  The next wind or rain storm that comes along will strip the darlings down completely.  Vancouver is now wearing various shades of grey.  I think we are going to have us some kind of winter.  A few years ago, I came downtown to do my Christmas shopping.  It had snowed the night before and continued to do so.  I left the car at home and bussed it down.  I trudged delightfully through the snow with my parka on and  I think I smiled all day that day.  I ended up spending far more than I had planned because it was just so fun to be so cold and trudge in and out of stores.  Then to stop at a cafe and have a hot chocolate before braving the elements yet again.

I think the joy I felt that day translated into me trying purchase a gift for friends and family that would adequately express what I was feeling at that moment.  At one point on my way home I gazed up at the falling snow and closed my eyes and stuck my tongue out and felt the flakes hit my face and melt in my mouth.

It is those little moments that just seem to come out of nowhere to delight the senses that I love.  They just sneak up on you and say ‘Surprise!’

I will head off into the…well I now the Sun is hiding somewhere behind those clouds….so I will head off in to a cloudy sunrise.  Peace out!


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